Sunday, November 11, 2012



This past month has been filled with the anticipation of a trip to Sydney.  We were there to celebrate a very special achievement by Nic.   It was a wonderful day, full of ceremony and auspiciousness (not sure if that is a proper word) and I am just bursting with pride at the moment.   As part of this special weekend, we decided to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  What a wonderful experience!  The views were spectacular and the engineering side of it was very interesting too.  I felt totally safe up there and could have spent the entire day on top, watching the world go by underneath.  I totally recommend the climb to anyone who is interested.

Another exciting piece of the weekend was visiting Adriano Zumbo patissier at Darling Harbour.  Amy and I had a great time, trying to decide on what to purchase, what to eat there.  I came home with the V8 cake and I think nearly every flavour of macaron that was available.
I have been a littled obsessed lately with macarons (those are mine pictured above) - I have lost count of how many I have made, trying to get them perfect each time, so to visit and taste test the master's was pure joy.

About the only serious sewing I have been doing has been on Phebe.  I have the applique border all sewn onto the centre and am now just finishing the applique in the corners.  There is no way this quilt is going to be finished by Christmas (maybe Christmas 2013??).

One thing I have made was this big sewing bag.  The applique design came from Quiltmania's Vintage magazine.  It was a cushion so I redrew it to the size I wanted and with help from Jan, made it into the bag.
After the extreme high of last weekend, we had a extreme low through the week.  Our home was broken into in the middle of the night and we were robbed whilst we were asleep.  Unfortunately Buddy (the not so "wonder dog") was asleep too and didn't hear a thing.
Sue-Anne xxx
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