Saturday, May 14, 2011


It has been very strange, these last few weeks.  We are all feeling the effects of Nicholas not being here - poor Buddy is lying on his bed  feeling sad that his "Big Bro" isn't home and I have decided (shock horror) that I don't like having an Empty Nest.

And after waving the newlyweds off on their honeymoon, things have been very quiet.  They are having the time of their lives travelling through Europe and as they visit each new country, I think of all you wonderful bloggers I have become friends with over the past year. 

I been distracting myself with some sewing.  This quilt top is from the latest book by Kathleen Tracy and is called "The Soldier's Cot Quilt" .  How appropriate for my soldier boy.  I will give this quilt to him at his March Out parade next month, to keep him warm and remind him of home.

And speaking of Civil War quilts and soldiers, this is a quilt I made a long time ago for Christopher's 21st.  It is called Civil War 2 and is designed by Susan Smith.  I finally grabbed it back before they left for their honeymoon so I could get a couple of photos of it.  Oh my goodness, there was a LOT of sewing in this quilt!

I haven't spoken about Browne Sisters Sampler for a while but I have been putting a few stitches in every now and then.

And these two album blocks (one from Jan and one from me) are on their way to Linda from Quilts in the Barn.   They are going to be part of the raffle quilt for this year's Quilts in the Barn exhibition.  The guest artist is Jo Morton and every block will be made from Jo Morton fabrics.  Can't wait till September!!!!

The weather was beautiful over Easter but it has finally turned.  It is snowing at Falls Creek and I can feel the icy chill in the air.  I think I will go sit in front of the tv with a quilt over my lap and sew a few stitches into my clamshells.

Sue-Anne xxx