Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Finish for 2012

I have a finish for 2012!   My Clamshells is finished, complete with label on the back. 

Soot & Ashes

This is another almost finished.  Cheri Payne had a quiltalong last year and I participated quietly in the background.  I have always loved her work and found this project to be lots of fun.

This week has also seen me working on  the next border that goes on this...

Irish Circles

And whilst I was fossicking into the depths of the fabric cupboard, I came across this project half completed.  I still have a lot of applique to do before this quilt is finished but maybe I might get back into it soon.

More pavlovas!  This time, I made mini pavs.  Here they are cooking in the oven

Here is one all ready to eat and ...

A collage of my pavs - was nearly going to make this my blog header but I thought it might be taking it a bit far!

Sue-Anne xxx