Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Do You Do When It's Too Hot To Do Anything?

I pulled out my box of Klosjes (It's amazing what you find when you clean out the cupboard) and joined them all together.  I will put a couple of borders around it and call it finished.

I pieced some blocks together for Hertfordshire.  This will be the next border on from the little hexagons.

Start a new quilt, this one is called Stonefields by Susan Smith.  A very large quilt with lots and lots of beautiful handpieced and appliqued  blocks and hexagon flowers.

Of course, why start one new quilt when you can start two!  The Chapman Coverlet, based on the original at the V & A Exhibition in Brisbane, also by Susan Smith.  

This is the centre for the Chapman Coverlet, an antique piece of fabric I bought at Quilts in the Barn last year.

I haven't actually started a third quilt yet, but I am amassing quite a large pile of fabric for a particular quilt which I am going to try and NOT START until I finish something else! 

Of course, when you are amassing fabric, there are always other pieces of fabric that have to come home with you - these are from Threadbear yesterday.  We had our first CAG meeting for the year.  Unfortunately there are no photos today as most of Show & Tell will be on display here:

If you can get to this exhibition, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.  There will be lots and lots of beautiful appliqued quilts for you to feast your eyes upon.

Beautiful little Evie coped just fine throughout our worst summer that I can remember.  Nothing like a full belly to relax our little cherub.

Thankfully it has been a little cooler this week and hopefully we have seen the last of the extreme heat.  Now all we need is some rain please.

Sue-Anne xxx

(Lesley - took me all afternoon to try and remember how to change my header photo, hope you like it xxx)