Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

I did intend to do a post before Christmas day wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but the madness of pre-christmas set in and I forgot completely.  So ..... Merry Christmas!

My brother and his family came and stayed this year and it was really nice seeing and sharing my niece and nephew's excitement Christmas morning.

Christmas lunch is always a roast dinner with all the trimmings.  This year we had 14 for lunch.

Tea on the other hand, is leftovers and salads plus far too many desserts!

Big and little cousins keeping each other amused playing X Box.

Poor little Buddy trying to have a rest after such a big day entertaining the visitors.

This is the beautiful big bunch of Kangaroo Paws that my girlfriend gave me from her garden.  They are magnificent and I think the perfect floral arrangement for an Aussie Christmas.

I decided to take advantage of Nic being home and took off to Melbourne for a couple of days this week.  I stayed with my girlfriend and we had a great time time shopping, dining out and catching up with a few other friends.   I discovered a "new to me" shop called Zetta Florence.  I wish I had money to burn as I could have spent a fortune, but I was good and came home with only a couple of things.  I am in love with all the stationery and the whole atmosphere of the shop.

I want to wish all my fellow bloggers, followers and friends and very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2012.

Sue-Anne xxx

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating

No sewing today.  I love seeing how everyone is decorating their homes for Christmas and thought I would show you a couple of pictures of our home.

 Our main Christmas tree in the Loungeroom.

Some snowmen - always dreaming of a White Christmas (which is NEVER going to happen in the middle of Summer).

Rag balls and a couple of dolls.

Blue and green Christmas sparkle.

One of my treasured wool cones made by Michelle.

Michelle and I have been collecting Blossum Bucket snowmen for a few years now.  Here is the tinsel tree where they live at Christmas time

And our pool table that I have managed to keep clear since March - can you tell my soldier boy is home for Christmas???

Sue-Anne xxx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Irish Circles & Xmas Lunch

I have finally finished the centre for Irish Circles.

I have fallen in love with these baby circles.  They are only 3 inches in diameter.

Here it is all joined together.  It's not very big for all that work!  I still have a couple of borders to go though.....

We had our Friday Girls Christmas luncheon this week.  It was Marg's turn to be hostess and she did a lovely job.  The table looked so pretty (and the strawberry cider was pretty nice too).  We ate and laughed way too much and had a great day.

We exchange gifts each year and here is what I received.  There was also a home made pudding but it has already been cut up and sampled.  We all agree it is the best day of the year for us and this year did not disappoint.

Sue-Anne xxx