Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crow Gathering in the Barn!

L to R:   Michelle, Helen, Jan

Friday saw us up and on the road very early as we had a very important meeting - a Crow Gathering at Linda's famous Barn! 

We were welcomed with freshly made scones with jam and cream (still warm from the oven) and tea and coffee.  Our tables were beautifully decorated and we each got a huge goodie bag and a little gift bag.

The Barn was decorated in all manner of things from Crow Central and Leonie and Deidre instructed us on all facets of working with wool. 

This pincushion kit was in our goodie bag and this is my progress so far.  We learnt lots of interesting "stuff" and Leonie and Deidre were there to advise and help all day.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful time.

Linda, along with her wonderful helpers, put on the most amazing luncheon.  We had freshly made scones, club sandwiches, cheese and fruit platters, lumberjack cake and my personal favourite - mini merangues.   you can tell how good the food was, by the time I got my camera out, it was nearly all gone.

L to R:  Me, Rosemary, Elyte, Linda

A highlight for me was meeting Rosemary.  She is visiting from England and is Shirley's friend, a lady who I have become great mates with.  Wish you could have been here too Shirley!  Also pictured is our hostess, Linda - thank you so much for a fantastic day!!!  Also, thank you to Bev - why didn't we get you in the photo???

The day would not have been complete without our usual stop at Seymour Chinese on the way home, although I don't know why I ordered anything because I was still full from grazing all day!

Sue-Anne xxx

Monday, March 5, 2012

Of droughts and Flooding Rains........

Well what a week we have had in my small part of the world.  Our town had a rain total of 256mm for the week, with over 100mm  in one day.  Above are a couple of pics from the golf course behind my street.  The fairway was like a river and the carpark was completely cut off and under water.  Thankfully the water has all dissipated and run off to wherever it is supposed to go but please spare a thought for our quilting friends in Wagga Wagga and surrounding towns as they brace for some seriously major flooding.  My thoughts are with you all.

I have had a testing time with Irish Circles.  I originally chose the pink fabric as the separating border.  I stitched it all down, added the next appliqued tongue border (with mitred corners) and then laid it all out to see how it would look with the next border and YUK!  The pink looked flourescent and totally took away from the blue centre of the quilt.  As you can see from the above pictures, the fabric isn't that bright or solid, I just needed something really soft.    Anyway, all the unpicking and resewing is done so now, I am onto piecing the final border and I will be very happy to have this one finished.

Nic was home for a couple of days so of course, I had to make another pavlova (I promise this will be the last photo for a little while).  I decorated this one with passionfruit and we have all decided that this is the best topping.

We had some Show & Tell last Friday at sewing.  This gorgeous quilt was made with lots of reproduction fabrics that have been collected through a fabric club.

Jan is making a quilt from blocks like this one.   The blocks are really big and this block looks fantastic.

There is less than two weeks to go until the Gathering in the Barn and I am starting to get really excited.  Jan and I also made the trip down to Castlemaine a few weeks ago to the Castlemaine Applique Group meeting.  We had a fantastic day catching up with quilting friends and making lots of new friends.  I am definately looking forward to the next meeting.

I haven't done a lot of blogging lately as we have had some computer issues at home.  Hopefully things are back on track now.  It amazes me on how dependant we have become on computers. 

Sue-Anne xxx