Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time To Move On

The time has come to redistribute this basket of fabrics into the larger overall stash.  I feel a little sad saying goodbye to this collection as I have been working with them for the last twelve months and know each piece of fabric intimately.  You see, this is my Swan Lake basket and she is finally finished.

The backing fabric has been joined, she is now at the quilters and I feel a little lost without her. 

Whilst I feel that not a lot has been happening in my little part of the world, I have been busy with Irish Circles and have managed to complete another 7 blocks over the last couple of weeks.

They have been fun and quite challenging at the same time.

There is also something else that is starting to consume my daily thoughts.  Chris and Amy are getting married in April.  I am starting to get really excited and have already bought a new pair of purple shoes...

now all I need is an outfit to go with them!

Sue-Anne xxx

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What A Week!

Well what a week it has been in our beautiful Australia.  We have had bushfires in Western Australia, the worst cyclone ever in Queensland, Sydney is having a massive hot spell and here in my little part of Victoria we have experienced humid tropical weather, followed by two days of non stop rain caused by the cyclone in Queensland! At least, after all that rain, it is much more pleasant today.

I still have a couple more little bits to do on Swan Lake but I have also done a bit of work on Irish Circles.

These are the two latest blocks completed.  The second one is my favourite block.

These are the final hexagons for Swan Lake.  They are all sewn onto the quilt now.

I was also a very lucky girl to receive these beautiful charms from a friend.

This is on the back of the "Silly" charm - don't you just love it!!!

And here is a "Hello" from Milo.

Sue-Anne xxx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Queensland is Copping it Again!

This is what is bearing down on North Queensland and is expected to hit landfall by 10pm tonight - a category 5 cyclone, the likes of which they say nobody in Australia has ever witnessed in their lifetime.

My thoughts and love are with all who are in it's path.

Sue-Anne xxx