Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not Just Nat, Klosjes & A Good Idea

I had a very exciting morning on Friday.  I got to meet Nat!  Nat is from Not Just Nat fame and she was passing through Wodonga on her way to Canberra.

And where else should we meet but at Patchwork on Stonleigh, my local quilt shop.  Thank you Nat for stopping and visiting, it was so much fun and hopefully we will catch up again soon.

Klosjes report equals 5 again this week for a total of 79!  4 more weeks and I will reach 100!!!!  This week's Klosjes have some special fabrics in them.  Jan gave me the backgrounds for the blue one, see the butterflies, and the red one on the right with the sky rockets.  I think this quilt is going to be a real memory quilt.  I haven't bought any fabrics for this one, just using what is in my stash and each week, I remember certain quilts I have made, or trips where I got a particular fabric from or, like this week, special friendships.

I don't have too much else to report on the sewing front this week.  I am still busy with the applique on Swan Lake and have managed to applique 3 sheep on Phebe (will show when I have finished the 5).  I did go shopping yesterday and came home with this small salad bowl.  Since having the two boys move out, we don't need huge buckets of salad for dinner now and I am finding that a lot of my dishes are too big for the 3 of us.  I saw this one and fell in love with it.  That's not salad in there, just some vegies for our soup tonight.

Now onto this great idea.  I have lots of pages that have information for quilting, like how to make a continuous bias, no waste flying geese method etc.  I have several folders that I keep them in, along with patterns but whenever I need a particular one, I  can't remember which folder it is in and I end up having to pull them all out till I find the right one.

I can't take credit for this idea as I stole it from Jan, but if you laminate your sheets and punch a hole in them, you can them slip them onto a ring clip and hang them in your sewing room.

I have laminated all sorts of notes, including particular embroidery stitches that I can never remember how to do as well as cards from quilt shops that I don't want to lose.

You can purchase laminators now from just about anywhere, I got mine from Safeway and it wasn't that expensive.  You can buy the sheets from there as well. 

Well that's all from me today, hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Oops, almost forgot, Nic and I saw the Japanese spaceship that is landing in Australia.  Nic saw it first and came around last night thinking he had seen a UFO.  Howard had read about the spaceship landing at Woomera and thought maybe it was that.  Two hours later, we stood outside (in the freezing cold) and after 5 minutes I said I had had enough and was going inside and then there it was, flashing across the evening sky really fast, just like Startrek!  Now before you all laugh, it wasn't a shooting star as it didn't have any arc to it flying through the night sky.  It was heading straight out and moving heaps faster than a satellite.  All I can say is, if it wasn't the Japanese spaceship, it must have been a flying saucer!!!!

Sue-Anne xxx
"the truth is out there"


Lizzie said...

Isn't Nat just adorable? Nice to have blogger friends 'drop in'. That's a really great idea for instructions etc Sue-Anne, now I will have to buy a laminator..

BÊa said...

It's so fun you could meet Nat. It's one of the thing I can never made, I am far far away from my blog's friends. Lovely blocks, great idea & I love the quilting design on your bowl !!! :)

katrien said...

Great you could meet Nat.
lovely klosjes you maked this week.
Good idea with the laminator,i have one so i can try it.

wilma said...

Great you could meet Nat!! Its is so great to have blogger friends...
I love your klosjes. Good idea with the laminater. But I am working on my scrapbook dairy!!
Also a great idea from you..

Linda C said...

Thanks for the great idea. l have a laminator, so will now put that on my to do list. Lucky you to meet Nat, though l will be meeting with another well known blogger next week when l visit sydney!! Might have to make a trip to Wodonga in the future. Its been a while since we visited Patchwork on Stoneleigh.

Shirley said...

I sat down to lunch one day and put the news on the tv, as I did so the door opened on its own with a very loud prolonged creaking noise and just as it happened the music for the x files came on the tv. All the hairs on my arm stood on end - spooky!! Great idea for the laminating. No klosjes for me this week. Yours look good. I am practising a drum roll in readiness for your 100th.
Love Shirley.xx

Nadine said...

WOW ! Such an interesting post, with LOTS OF bright ideas, gorgeous klosjes, etc...
Aaaah, Patchwork on Stoneleigh... such a lovely quilt shop and gorgeous quilts ! Too bad they're not selling their patterns through the Web. I think I'll just have to take the plane, one of these days... LOL

THANKS for this posr,, Sune-Anne! Have a lovely Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What a clever Idea with the laminating!
I love your klosjes and the fact that the quilt will be a scrappy one ..it will be very special!
Have a lovely day,

Terry said...

Nat is such an energetic person. No matter where she goes people seem to sparkle along with her. Glad she was able to stop and say HI.
Klosjes are great. None frome me this week again (sigh) must try harder but hexies seem to have captured me for now.
Enjoy the week ..Terry

Karen said...

Your laminating idea is a good one. Safeway in the USA is a grocery store. I assume it is an office supply store where you live.

Diane H said...

Lovely that you were able to meet Nat, she was a sweetie when I started my blog. Handy idea with the laminator, too many helpful idea, and randon pattern sheets scattered around.
As always, beautiful sewing.

Brandie said...

I love that idea for laminating frequently used sheets. Thanks for share.

Notjustnat said...

Hi Sue-Anne. It was so good to meet you even only to exchange hugs and kisses. Thanks for introducing me to Patchwork on stoneleigh. I'm sorry I didn't have a lot of time to look at all their fantastic collection of fabric! It's always the next time. Thanks for bringing show and tell too. Your quilt is coming along great. Love it! I'm home now and back at work :( Hugs Nat

Suedio said...

How lovely for you two to meet up - and what better place than a patchwork shop!!!

Regards, Sue

Annemieke said...

beautiful fabrics in your klosjes! I think choosing the background fabrics is as much fun as the klosjes fabrics. Loved to see your quitstore and enjoyed reading Nat's blog. She makes beautiful things.
Thanks for the laminating idea!

Barb said...

I love the ring idea. I have a file marked "barb's stuff" it's all that reference info you need all the time - I'll have to pick up a ring!

Maree: said...

Great that you had met another Blogging Friend...nice Pic & I Love the Quilt in the Backgroung at the shop..lol..

Karen said...

Pretty bowl and a great idea for laminating notes. I should do that. How nice you met Nat, such a nice lady. Love the klosjes, the yellow one is my favourite.

Marieke said...

Great klosjes you've made. Isn't it great to have a memory quilt like this? I love your fabrics for the klosjes. And beautiful salad dish! Great you saw the Japanse spaceship! Must also be a great memory! :-) But, who on the photo is you and who is Nat?

Siobhan said...

How neat to be able to meet a blogging friend! Your klosjes are sooo pretty. Thanks for the idea on laminating your instruction sheets and keeping them together--great idea!

clare's craftroom said...

How nice meeting up with a blogging friend and what an experience seeing the spaceship !

Robyn said...

Oooh Sue-Anne, how nice to see you both and how wonderful for you both to meet.
Nat is wonderful, but then so are you!!
Hope you both had the best time :-)

Thanks for the tip on the laminater thingy, what a great idea!
I presently lose and ferret around to find stuff *grin*

Sandra Henderson said...

Sue-Anne, I've enjoyed catching up on your lovely blog today. Your work is so beautiful and I really enjoy seeing your progress. HUGS! XO

deb said...

How very very fun!!! loved this post!!!!! thanks for the laminating idea!!!!

Deb said...

Your blog is really an inspiration. I love looking at everything. For some reason I've missed quite a few posts so spent some time looking at your wonderful things. I'm so excited that you're working on the Phoebe quilt. I love that quilt and can't wait to see more pictures. I have the pattern - just haven't had the nerve to start it yet!

Valentina said...

Oh, I feel I am right there with you, girls!
How exciting, One day we will all meet, I know it!
I really love your Klosjes, Sue-Anne. I can't wait till you reach 100, and see them all together.
I think your lamination idea brilliant. And I can see why you love that new bowl, there is definitely something 'quilty' about it!