Saturday, September 18, 2010

What's Been Going On This Week

I just had to share this photo of our eldest son, Christopher.  I was on Facebook the other day and clicked on him to see what he had been up to and saw this photo.  This is him playing at Falls Creek a few weeks ago.  Pretty good hey!

And of course, this is middle child Nic, getting ready to put "The Black Pearl" (his name for it, not mine), on the car trailer yesterday for 3 big days down at Winton at Performance Car Mania.  He has been working on this beast every spare minute he has had for the last couple of months in readiness for this weekend.  He put a bigger turbo in it and has had heaps of trouble - it caught on fire the other night while getting tested on the Dyno so I hope he comes back safe and sound.

And seeing as I have mentioned the two boys, I thought I had better mention our youngest, Kellie.  She has been too busy to come visit her dear old mum so here is a photo of her/ours now, cat, Milo.  Max and Milo fight over a cane basket that we keep on the pool table.  A friend of ours gave us this gorgeous basket for Milo but the only way I can get him in there is if I tempt him with food.  As you can see, Max is quite happy to sit in front and eat the food and Milo isn't game to hop out in front of Max.  It is a never ending circus in this house full of pets!

I have been doing a bit of sewing this week.  These are two blocks I have handpieced for a quilt I have started.  These are the easy ones and I am building up the courage to start the centre soon.  Will show more as I get going with it.

I have also finished border number three for Swan Lake - Yay!!!!  Above is the first three hexies I have made for border four.  The black fabric in the top right flower was given to me by Marg, isn't it gorgeous.  I still haven't got very far with the centre but at least I feel like I am on the home stretch with the borders.

Lizzie from A House in the Country needs some help to make a quilt for a special friend who is not doing too well.  Please click on the badge above and read her story.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sue-Anne xxx


Terry said...

Have just read Lizzie's post. Tears I will email her and look for orphans this weekend to send on Monday morn. (if I can't find some I'll make a couple while the GBabies sleep tonight.

Ta Da! your sons are all busy and seem to be having fun. Daughters seem to return at a later stage. Or maybe boys just don't go away.

The blocks are beautiful. very pretty.
Good going on Swan Lake.
Have a good weekend.

Maree: said...

Lovely Blocks Sue-Ann...you also have a dare devil of a Son...Great Photo.

Kali said...

I love your blocks Sue-Anne..I hope we get to see the completed quilt. Is this something you have designed yourself?

Your sons are quite the daredevils aren't they! I imagine they've caused you a few sleepless nights as they grew up!

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Beautiful blocks...luv the fabric & admire all your hand stitching...gorgeous hexies. Gotta luv the antics of pets...and family!!

Julia said...

Lovely blocks Sue-Anne...
Boys and their toys...I have a car mad son who loves old Holdens..

Valentina said...

Great pix, Sue-Anne!
I love love love your new blocks, and your hexies are so beautiful!
Congrats on border #3! Yeay!
Have a lovely weekend, dear friend!

Shirley said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
Love the new blocks, can't wait to see what you do with them. Well done for getting border 3 finished, those hexies are beautiful. My kids would love the snowboarding. Now there is an idea. I think I will send one of them over!!
What a truly sad tale from your friend. I sometimes think it is best not to know what is in store for us but it just goes to show that you have to live life and have some fun when you can. Have a great weekend with your menagerie.
Love Shirley.

Janet said...

Boys are such dare devils all right. I love your new blocks and I've just read back on your last post, congratulations on the needlecase finish, it's a stunner.

Notjustnat said...

Wow, that really your son? Scary to watch! And Nic with his block pearl. Hope he does well on his race. Love your new blocks, the colour is gorgeous. I will hop-over to Liz and offer her help - Thanks for letting me know - Hugs Nat

katrien said...

Lovely blocks.And your Third border is finished ?No picture ? I like this one so much.
Have a nice weekend.

Annemieke said...

Beatifull new blocks, I like it when there are circles in a pattern. Nice colours too. Great picture in the snow, looks dangerous to me! They both like to do dangerous things, your sons. I always hope the children won't tell me those kind of things in advance:)I will read the other post you mention there.
Great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hey SueAnne Do you know that we know if our sons are single or not is by Facebook? We can learn so much there!
I have never seen those blocks before and now am curious as to the finish. OH...and your Hexie fabric choices are HEAVENLY!!

Robyn said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
Wow, you've got a couple of thrill seekers there *grin*
Wishing Nic and the 'black pearl' safety this weekend...and Christopher looks like he's been having fun :p
Ah yep, typical kitty antics at your house too... they have their own ways ..lol

..and as usual, simply stunning work...love what you're doing...always do xx

Anonymous said...

O wow, your son IS good! I always follow the whereabouts of the kids on FB :-) . Sometimes I am happy to see that they have been able to post the pictures after their 'events' and that I did'n know ahead what they were up to :-)

I love your blocks- well done!

Susan In Texas said...

I guess you've been sewing a lot! Love the new blocks and hexies. And another border done! Wow, you work fast.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Sue said...

Wow your son is impressive on that snow board and that car looks pretty cool.
I hope they are as impressed with you blocks as we are.

Barb said...

Wow - I love that photo of your son and that you are proud and not scared, like I would be if my son were doing thinks like that, lol...
Your hexes are lovely!! The combinations are great

Elyte said...

Hard to keep up with the kids sometimes. I, for one, am happy to be an observer. But great to see that they have interests to keep them busy. Your hexies look lovely. I am thinking of taking some hexies with me on my trip, as my travel project. I think that they are small and compact enough to travel.

Lori said...

Your hand pieced blocks are so pretty!

Wendy said...

Wonderful looking blocks. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. The kitty in the basket is cute.

yvonne said...

Prachtige blokken en bloemen!!!

gr yvonne

*karendianne. said...

Nothing like a post with family and kitties. Makes a person smile. Thank you for sharing! Those new blocks you're making are delightful. Cannot wait to see what you are doing with those. Ohhh and I love your hexies. Oh yes indeedie I do!!!

Siobhan said...

Your sons are dare devils--handsome dare devils! ;) Love that pic of your son snowboarding (think that's what it is!). I love your quilty WIPs! The hand pieced blocks and hexies look great!

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