Saturday, April 2, 2011

There Has Been Some Changes In The Wind

What a month I have had!  This is my beautiful boy Nic.  Last year he applied to join the ADF as a soldier.  It has been a very long process but he got a phone call and 13 days later, on Tuesday, we had to say goodbye to him for a while.  Our home feels very empty, as he is the last child to leave but we are very proud and happy for him. 

Another change that is going to take me a while to get used to is the closing down of Patchwork on Stonleigh.  This shop has played such a huge role in my quilting life over the last twelve years and I will miss popping in there each week.

We were lucky enough to get in one last Irish Circles class before the shop closed and this is my latest block.

Here she is!  All quilted and all I have to do now is hand stitch the binding down and attach a label.  This is the biggest quilt I have ever made and even with the clothesline wound all the way up, the quilt is still dragging on the ground.

It has been a while since I have mentioned clamshells (sorry Jossie) but I have been adding to them.

I went to my friend Jackie's open garden today.  This is a view from one section of her garden through to the next.   She does a lot of companion planting and her garden is functional, as well as beautiful, with all the produce that she grows.

This beautiful blue flower is "Morning Glory" and is growing all over her archway.

We are on the home run now to the wedding - only two more weeks.  So much for me finally getting a photo of all of us together, with Nicholas being unable to attend.

Well that's about it from me today.  I have been enjoying all the "Red & White Quilt Show" photos that have been displayed in blogland.  What a magnificent exhibition and now I really want to make a red and white quilt!!!

Sue-Anne xxx


Sandra Henderson said...

Such a handsome man, your Nic. Praying for his safety and quick return home. Congratulations on the finish of your beautiful quilt! This is a big one! Wow! What a beauty! Im sorry your local shop closed, i cant imagine. I dont get up to visit my favorite often, but did have a chance today actually! Your Irish Circle reminds me of the Mariners Star i saw today, which i just posted, that was in the garden area at the lighthouse. I really love your block! I have not made any clamshells as of yet, but yours are beautiful and so many! I cant wait for my morning glories to come up, beautiful garden! Xo

Roos said...

Your dancing dollies is beautiful, maby some day I want to make het too, but I just adore your Irish Circles. Do you know if there is a patern that I can sell?

Anonymous said...

I too love the Irish Circle and have been looking for the pattern.
Love the quilt on your bed, great work as well as your clamshells.

I too will miss the shop, ordered by mail and was part of their fabric club for years.


Lilian Pilar said...


Congratulations to your son.
The quilt of Swan Lake is so beautiful, I wish I could do for me, as I can have patterns and fabrics, If you could help I would appreciate it.
And as you go with the dress that will match with purple shoes.
A big hug

(google translator)

Lurline said...

Yes, Sue-Ann, I will miss Patchwork on Stoneleigh too. Love your Dollies quilt and also the star block. You certainly make beautiful babies - stay safe young man!
Hugs - Lurline♥

May Britt said...

The irish circle block is so beautiful. Do you have a photo of the whole quilt?? And the quilt on your bed is wonderful!!! Amazing quilt.

Julia said...

Love your Dollies quilt, Sue-Ann...amzing work and looks lovely on your bed..
What a handsome young man..All the best and stay safe..
Julia ♥

Béa said...

Wonderful ! And what a size ! Congrats

Kathie said...

I just love the clamshells , looks wonderful.
ok this quilt is just amazing! what a journey that must have been making it. The dollies dancing along the floor is just precious
congrats on a wonderful finish....
how I wish I would be lucky enough to live near a quilt shop like that, I too am sorry that they are closing.

Quiltendewilma said...

What a beautiful quilts your making..

Oh an apty nest....

Elyte said...

Great to hear from you again.
Your boy is very handsome and I wish him all the best in his new career.
Your quilt is stunning, and having watched its progress I almost feel a little bit involved.
So sad when a quit shop shuts its doors, there are so few of them around.
With the wedding in 2 weeks I suppose that you won't be coming to AQC?

*karendianne. said...

So good to hear from you, Sue-Anne! Gosh you do have a lot going on. I'll bet you feel like you're on a real ride at the Fair! Hat's off to your son. Gosh you must be proud and your heart must swell every time you think of him. I know mine did just reading. A Commando. Goodness! The wedding, the beautiful finish - oh the pride. ;) I am glad to know you've been watching the photos of the Red and White quilts. Amazing treat. Oh and one last thing - thanks for sharing the garden photos. What a neat, interesting friend you have. Dreamy….

Susan In Texas said...

Best of luck to your son in his new career. Commando, huh? That sounds scary, but I'm sure he'll be fine, and I bet he gets LOTS of training.

Dancing Dollies looks even more fabulous than I thought it would. Congratulations on being so close to done with it. I couldn't believe how big and lovely your clamshells quilt is. That one is fast becoming my favorite. How big are you going to make it?

Thanks for sharing the garden pics,
Susan in Texas

Karen said...

I live a longggggg ways from where the Patchwork on Stoneleigh is but still I am sad to learn that it has closed. Such beautiful quilts were made by people that were regulars there.
Your new quilt is beautiful. It is a big one but a very good bed size.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is absolutely stunning!! I've enjoyed seeing the progress and now the finish..well done!

Anonymous said...

lovely to hear from you sue-anne, i had remembered about the wedding and thought you would be busy, but i guess you have spent every moment possible with your beautiful young son, a gorgeous man i suspect, let us hope he will be safe and sound at all times. you know that i have loved dancing dollies along the way and it is so beautiful finished and on the bed, wow, well done. enjoy the time leading up to the wedding. and yes it is sad about 'patchwork on stonleigh', they offered a great service!

Marieke said...

Great to hear from you again. Your Swan Lake is amazing! It looks wonderful. And what a great looking fabrics you used. When will Nic be home again? Have fun with the home run and enjoy the wedding in two weeks. Take care of you and your husband? How is he doing?

Brandie said...

Swan Lake is magnificent! It looks wonderful on your bed. That is like a lifetime quilt, you know one that would take most people a lifetime to finish.
The clamshells are looking wonderful as well. What a beautiful post!

Deb said...

Your son is one handsome man! I can imagine how quiet it is now that he's gone! I am just in awe of your Swan Lake quilt. I don't even know what to say except that is just gorgeous (and it was you whose work on this made me finally get the pattern). It's really spectacular.

Diane H said...

What a wonderfully full post, Sue-Anne! Your Swan Lake is magnificent. Good thoughts for your son.

Nanci said...

Oh Sue-Anne how happy he must be! Saying goodbye is hard, but think that he will be so happy in his new endeavour.
The quilt is awesome. All the above postings have said it all....no big head for you my dear, but there should be!

Debbie said...

Sue Ann, You have lead me astray - it doesn't take much!! I have been following your blog for a while and I just love Swan Lake, sooooo
I contacted Susan and she has sold me the pattern and I am now chasing the Postie up the street every day until it arrives. You have done a wonderful job with yours i hope that mine will be even half as good

Notjustnat said...

Woo hoo! That's a wonderful news about Nic. The little bird will have to leave it's nest sooner or later. He's in good hand and you are a proud mother. Yes' I've heard about Patchwork on Stonleigh (where I met you) is closing down. Congratulations on finishing Swan Lake, it looks gorgeous and the clamshells quilt looks beautiful too - Have a great Sunday - Hugs Nat

Joan said...

What a lovely post - and what a wonderful son you have there. I wish him all the best. I enjoyed reading all you have been doing and seeing your projects. Thanks for sharing :)

katrien said...

Great your swan lake,what a beauty.And your clamshells also so beautifull.And your quiltshop will be closed,that's not so funny.

The Quilted Finish ph 02 63310084 said...

What a handsome, tall fellow your Nick is, you must have mixed emotions about his departure ( I know I would). I have really enjoyed watching the progress of your beautiful Swan Lake, congratulations on your finishing it, spectacular! Love the clamshells. I would be heartbroken to lose my local quilt shop, a very sad closing for so many.

yvonne said...

Wat zijn jou Dollies mooi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ik ben er ook aan begonnen eerst alle dollies geknipt ... groetjes yvonne

Sally said...

Wow, that's a *full* post! You have a lot of endings and beginnings (and some of those events are both at once)! Your clamshells look wonderful and the Swan Lake is jaw-dropping beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your LQS, that will be an adjustment. Keep up with those Irish Circles, they're beautiful.

Cybele's patch said...

Thank you for this lovely post Sue Anne. A handsome son leaving home. You will miss him. A really gorgeous quilt. The Swan Lake turned out so pretty. Well done. And also Clamshells. So glad you are still playing with them. The top looks beautiful and is getting really big now. Your Irish Circle block is so beautiful too. You are so talented.
Enjoy the festivities coming and have a great week to start with!

Wendy said...

The quilt on the bed is so very gorgeous. Did you quilt it yourself? The clamshells are going to be wonderful.

Shiree said...

such a handsome lad, and some very beautifuk quilts!

vivi said...

hi sue anne
I come herefor the first time, through jossie's blog
you do a terrific job!!
your bedspread is amazing, I'm working on one for my own bed too, but, it will take a time yet, but.. from time to time, I put the parts I have over the bed, and dream.. what will it look like once it's finished?
will keep coming!!
vivi from argentina

Carrie P. said...

The quilt on the bed is simply amazing. Congratulations!