Sunday, October 16, 2011

I got to spend four days last week with my youngest son, Nicholas.  We attended his March Out parade at Singleton.  He is now a part of the Australian Infantry and as such was presented with his "Skippy" badge (pictured above).  There is some significance to this badge - the Kangaroo symbolises always going forward, never going backwards and the Boomerang is symbolic for every soldier to return home.  It was a great day and I am a very proud mother.  We got to spend the weekend with him in Sydney, before he started the next phase of his training on Tuesday.

Here he is with his grandfather and myself.  I think they are feeding him ok.  I feel like a dwarf standing beside him!

Nicholas and his friends on the ferry at Circular Quay.

Sunday was spent at Freshwater beach before leaving to come home.  I am starting to fall in love with Sydney.  It is a beautiful city and that's saying something from someone who was born and bred in Melbourne.

I have had a finish on the sewing front.  This is what I made out of the little four patches I showed in my last post.  It is a quilt from the book, Jingle All The Way by Renee Plains of Liberty Star.

A couple more circles have been made for Irish Circles.

We are well and truly into Spring here in the southern hemisphere and I couldn't help admiring my roses late yesterday afternoon.  They are all starting to bloom.

This is the Clematis that grows beside my front door.  The flowers are beautiful this year.  It's amazing what some decent rain does for the garden.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Sue-Anne xxx


Brandie said...

Beautiful work as always!

Cardygirl said...

A special day for Nicholas and his family. Wish I had known you were so close by in Singleton! Love those irish circles.

Elyte said...

You busy lady, travelling and sewing, what a lovely way to spend your time. Precious time spent with your beautiful boy.
The rain has definitely given us a beautiful spiring this year.

Anonymous said...

i am also very proud of him! well done to nicholas! may his journey always be safe and sound and the boomerang does come back!

Janet said...

Congratulations to Nicholas, we have a sil training in the air force and he's nearly fihished. I love the four patch quilt and I have to admire your garden, it looks great.

Anonymous said...

A special day for Nicholas and his family!! Wat a beautiful garden,..
I love your circles!!!

Have a nice week!!

ranette said...

Love your post Sue-Anne! I enjoyed all of it. What a handsome son and you are right to be so proud of him.

The Irish circles blocks are so pretty and so it the Jingle quilt top. Gorgeous flowers!

Miriam said...

Congratulations Nicholas!! You are right to be very proud of him.

I love your Irish Circles and your garden is looking great. That clematis is magnificent!

Barb said...

Congrats to your son! It must have been wonderful to spend time together.
Your 4 patch is great, I love 4 patch quilt.
As we are in autumn, it's great to see you fresh flowers.

Valentina said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Of course you should be proud! Look at him! And I got teary eyed reading about his new badge... wow. Your flowers look amazing: I have gardens on the brain: Oh that Clematis is absolutely breathtaking! :) I've missed you, my friend! And am swooning over all your 'new to me' projects. You rock! :)

Karen said...

I'm so happy you got to spend some time with your son! You have every right to be so very proud of your handsome son!
Your four patch quilt looks great! I enjoy Renee Plains patterns as well.
It seems so odd to me to see your beautiful roses blooming and here the leaves are changing colors. :0)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

You must be amazingly proud of Nicholas!

Love your Irish circles and your clematis is giving you a fabulous show...nice to see when things are going back here ready for winter.

Sandra Henderson said...

I just now heard from Gisele!~ she is okay > She sent me a pkg and note, write me and I'll tell ya!~ XO