Monday, February 18, 2013

This & That

This is about the only current project I have to show at the  moment.  I bought this beautiful antique linen last year at the Sydney Quilt Show specifically for the centre of Hertfordshire by Megan Carroll

I have been machine piecing and  finished this quilt, got it quilted by Rose at Pandora Quilting and sent it in the mail last week to a soldier friend of Nic's who is currently serving in the northern hemisphere where it is a little bit colder than here.  

Whilst looking for something to blog about, I saw this quilt, Washington Sidewalks.  I made this quilt last year.  It is an old fabric club pattern from Patchwork on Stonleigh and I bought the fabrics specifically to make the quilt when the shop closed down.  We have nicknamed the quilt Downtown Abbey.

Not a lot has been happening here as the weather this summer has been HOT.  Poor Buddy had to have a rest on the way home from his walk and managed to find about the only green patch of grass around town.

This is, or was, the beautiful big tree fern outside our window, under our pergola.  Usually, it completely screens the window and the ferns underneath make a cool hiding spot for the cats.  Not so now.  This is the result of the weather we have had and is just a sample of how our entire garden is looking.

Sue-Anne xxx

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Anonymous said...

Oooh your centre is so nice...love the antique linen. Had a quick sqwizz at the pattern on Threadbare...Threadbear? I like it a lot. I've wanted to do that outer zigzaggy border for a while now, look forward to watching your progress!

Every Stitch said...

That linen bird is a perfect centre piece - great find! Hope you have some other yummy pieces for the broderie perse border too? It is a lovely pattern - look forward to your progress. What a nice gift for a soldier - great colours too :)

Shirley said...

Would you believe that I have my pattern out and have cut out the templates ready for the off. Still need to find the perfect centre though and yours is gorgeous. I sent off for some scrap bags and now have plenty to go at for this quilt.
Spring is springing here and bits of greenery is suddenly appearing. Love both quilts.

Kathie said...

the antique linen is just beautiful love what you decided to do to showcase it perfect.

2 wonderful new quilts love both of them! nine patches well my favorites and the X blocks , red and brown my favorite color combo right now. LOVE this quilt. thanks for sharing
sorry about the weather and the garden, must be hard to watch your plants turn but they will come back right?

Joan said...

Thats going to be a beautiful centre! Its hot here too - not nice :(

Siobhán said...

Love the Downton Abbey quilt! Very nice, and so nice of you to do a quilt for a soldier, too. The quilt centre is lovely! Hope it cools off for you soon.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Sue-Anne...a gorgeous centre piece...just love it! Your tree fern looks like our tree fern! I'm looking forward to some cooler days so it can hopefully recover.

Karendianne said...

Your fabric for the center of Hertforshire is incredible. Thanks for the link to the quilt. Stunning. Your other quilts are very cool and very stunning. I'm loving the fabrics in the red one!!! Poor Buddy, poor fern, poor you guys with the too hot. :(

Lovely post. Thanks so much!!!

Doniene said...

So nice to hear from you!!! So sorry it has been hot there - it is tough when the weather is like that!

Love all your quilts! The nine patch is an inspiration for one I need to make!!


Barb said...

love that bird for your center!! wonderful!!
What a lovely gesture to send your quilt to a soldier! He will love it.
I adore the reds and brown in your DA quilt - great nick-name!!
Boy buddy sure looks hot and tired, but the grass looks cool

Brandie said...

Your fabrics are always so exciting. I need to go shopping with you.
Take care and keep cool!

Cardygirl said...

The linen is perfect for that centre...lovely! Terribly hot this year...the poor fern. Love the other quilts too.

Susan said...

Beautiful quilts Sue-Anne. I do admire your style. Such a shame about the garden.......but it will be quilting weather agin soon.

Janet said...

I hope your spam problem stays away! That linen is Gorgeous!! Love the red and brown quilt too :0)

Karen said...

What a smart idea to use a vintage linen for the center of your piece. And a beautiful one. I will look forward to seeing your progress.

Terry said...

A nice look at what you've been up to. The quilt for the deployed soldier is great and the fabrics in DA just so you.
happy stitching and stay cool.

Janet said...

Who wouldn't swoon over your special linen piece? Love the red and brown quilt. I hope you get some cooler weather soon.

Jossie said...

The linen looks perfect for the centre of the quilt.
The quilts you show are beautiful.
I would love to send you some cool air from Europe if I could.

Annemieke said...

The antique linen looks beautiful!
The next quilt is a nice quilt for a young man, good one. And the other one has really nice colours and pattern. I like the colour combination very much.
Hope the weather will be a little less hot for your doggy, his garden and his family of course;)

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