Monday, February 18, 2013

This & That

This is about the only current project I have to show at the  moment.  I bought this beautiful antique linen last year at the Sydney Quilt Show specifically for the centre of Hertfordshire by Megan Carroll

I have been machine piecing and  finished this quilt, got it quilted by Rose at Pandora Quilting and sent it in the mail last week to a soldier friend of Nic's who is currently serving in the northern hemisphere where it is a little bit colder than here.  

Whilst looking for something to blog about, I saw this quilt, Washington Sidewalks.  I made this quilt last year.  It is an old fabric club pattern from Patchwork on Stonleigh and I bought the fabrics specifically to make the quilt when the shop closed down.  We have nicknamed the quilt Downtown Abbey.

Not a lot has been happening here as the weather this summer has been HOT.  Poor Buddy had to have a rest on the way home from his walk and managed to find about the only green patch of grass around town.

This is, or was, the beautiful big tree fern outside our window, under our pergola.  Usually, it completely screens the window and the ferns underneath make a cool hiding spot for the cats.  Not so now.  This is the result of the weather we have had and is just a sample of how our entire garden is looking.

Sue-Anne xxx

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