Monday, March 17, 2014

Castlemaine Applique Group Exhibition

What a wonderful Inaugural Exhibition of CAG!  All the quilts were stunning and the ladies and gents that organised it all, set it up and helped out over the weekend should be very proud of themselves.  Get comfortable friends, there are a lot of beautiful photos to follow.

Ann Daggs by Sue Jones

 Deb's Not Quite Telling The Truth by Deb King

 Aunty Jean's Floral Garden by Rhonda Coates

 Hand Painted Tiles de Morgan Persia by Jude Liebmann

 Homage to Mary Brown by Merri Garten (Even though this photo is blurred, I still had to share, the work in this quilt is unbelievable)

 The Burnt Quilt by Sue Jones

 Swan Lake by Sue-Anne Jones (me)

 Rotherfield Greys by Di Ford Hall

 A Bride Quilt for Jane Burden by  Jude Liebmann

 Queen Daisy by Kerry Roe

Ode to Annie by Bev Bannard

 The Caswell Quilt by Lyn Wright

Poppies by Jo-anne Star

 Emergence by Margaret McDonald
Gypsy Jazzed by Jan Frazer

Redoute by Rose Piper

Cheltenham by Sonia Higgs

19th Century  Folk Art Baskets by Joy Earle-Quick

Baltimore by Barb Walker

Green Vintage by Judy Gipps

Antique Wedding Sampler Revisited by Moreen Dainty

Antique Sampler by Wendy Gleeson

Sarah Morrell Quilt by Carolyn Mellor

19th Century Medallion Frame Quilt by Maureen Farrell

Civil War II by Jan Manglesdorf

Mrs Miller's Journey by Meghan Leslie

Flourishes by Glenys Clifford

Home Sweet Home by Barbara Walker

Of course we were very warmly greeted at the door by these two gorgeous ladies.

And no trip to Castlemaine is complete without a visit to Threadbear.

There were many more beautiful quilts on display but unfortunately my anti shake setting doesn't seem to be working on my camera and the rest of the photos were blurred.  I have listed the name of each quilt and the maker.  Hope you enjoyed the Show & Tell.

Sue-Anne xxx


Elyte said...

Hi Sue-Anne, we got there on Sunday and what a treat to see the Stonefields Quilt in person. The show was stunning and the Stonefields Quilt was the bonus for the day, just in time before it leaves for Ireland. You lead me to some wonderful quilts - thank you.
Also saw lots of familiar faces and a little shopping at Threadbear. Lovely day.

Joyeq said...

Sue-Anne you have done an amazing job of the photos, what a lovely weekend we all had, lovely to see you and the gang. Joy xxx

Susan said...

Thank you so much for bringing the exhibition to me through photos. So much exquisite work, including your beautiful quilts too.

max and louise pattern co said...

Great pics Sue-Anne of a really wonderful show. Your quilt was lovely. There was just so much to see with quilts of a very high standard. Looking forward to the next one.

Susan In Texas said...

Wow! What an amazing show! Your Swan Lake turned out just beautifully. All the quilts are so impressive. I struggled just to get four points on a DJ block with one little melon of reverse applique and these ladies did giant quilts of nothing but amazing applique. I am in awe of all of you! Thank you so much for sharing so many pictures of the show, and thanks again for your kind words on my blog.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

PS Evie is getting so big! Still totally adorable too. :)

Doniene said...

Sue-Anne, what a fabulous show!! Thank you for sharing photos - what beautiful, beautiful quilts!! And great fabric purchase also!!


KijkDaarIs said...

OH may...what a beautiful quilts your showing.....amazing...
have a nice day!!!

Shirley said...

Wow, and double wow! Those quilts are simply amazing. Fabulous work. What a talented group you are Castlemaine. Thank you Sue-Anne for the wonderful show and tell.x

Judith said...

What a wonderful way to wake up! So glad that you've showde us all these pic's. Very talented girl's downunder!

Bed, breakfast en quilts said...

Lovely quilts and à lot of them will show up on THE to-make list!

May Britt said...

Thanks for showing all these wonderful quilts. They are amazing.

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Thank you Sue-Anne for all the lovely photos. I would have loved to see the quilts in person, it must have been a great display. Maybe next time I can get there.

Heather said...

Thanks you so much for sharing. Though I live in the US and grew up in Canada, my quilting heart is in Australia. I just love them all!

Me and My Stitches said...

Holy WOW!! What an amazing bunch of quilts all at one show! Thank you for sharing - would love to be able to see them in person!

Heather R said...

At last some photo's!!! and such a great job of it as well, thanks for sharing Sue-Anne,especilally when I could not be there. What amazing talent we have in Australia, all the quilts were gorgeous and how great that the show was a great success. Heather

Sue said...

Wonderful quilts . I envy you being a member of such a talented group.

Linda said...

WOW Sue-Anne!! Thankyou for sharing photos of all these beautiful quilts. So much talent!Might have to be a road trip next year. Linda xx

Every Stitch said...

I was one of the fortunate to see the show - and it was so impressive! Must be truly inspiring to be one of this group - seriously envious! Love your quilt. Must get on and post my photos too :)

Karen said...

This would definitely be on my bucket list to see some of these quilts in person. Such beauty.

taylorsoutback said...

Visiting you from Every Stitch...seeing these quilts just gets better and better. .. Your own quilt is stunning and you must be so delighted to be part of this fabulous display. Thank you for sharing these images.

Lesley said...

Kerry told me on the phone that you had taken some beautiful photos, so I went on line to see what I was missing out on( and you know I cannot miss out) and you certainly have done a beautiful job of the photos of the quilts. I have forwarded the photo of Helen and myself to Helen as she loves having her photo taken. xx

Barb said...

thanks for sharing these amazing quilts!! incredible work

Lesley said...

Hi Sue-anne. Went to Di's ysterday and everyone enjoyed your superb photos thought they were back at the show. Between Every Stitch and yourself well done. x

Sue said...

That would have to be the most amazing Show and Tell I have seen in a long time. What beautiful work all these ladies have done. Makes me want to come over from NZ for the next show!
Thank you for posting these gorgeous photos.

Terry said...

I'v been off the grid for a while I'm back. Your tour of the exhibition was great, A true wealth of talent and beautiful quilts.

Raewyn said...

Wow!! Amazing quilts! Thank you for taking the time to share them!

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Susan In Texas said...

What terrific quilts! Your Swan Lake looks fabulous (and like it is in VERY good company!) I love them all, especially the little birds being fed the worms - people are so creative! Emergence is spectacular - so different from the rest. All that curved piecing! Wow.

Take care,
Susan in Texas

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