Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day, Klosjes & A Little Frustration

I am a little behind in posting my Saturday Klosjes.  I only got five made this week but am not complaining because I did achieve my weekly minimum.

I now have a grand total of 50! 

You see, yesterday I was preoccupied with this.  After seeing all the clever things the girls can do with their iphones on Friday, I was feeling left behind and disadvantaged with my old Motorola flip phone.  So yesterday morning I was off to the Telstra Shop to rearrange my contract and get a new phone.

I spent the ENTIRE afternoon fiddling with it, setting up all my little bits and pieces, ringing the help line twice and giving myself a massive migrane in the process.  It was about 5pm and I decided I would try out the video camera.  Guess what!  I couldn't find the icon for it.  I rang Amy, she got a new one this week too and to my horror, I discovered I have the old version!!!!!

So now I have to go back to the shop, get the newer phone and hope that the exchange runs smoothly and there are no hiccups with the contract (I'm sure Australian readers will understand my concern with the contract details).  Then I will have to start all over again with setting up all the bits and pieces!  Aarrgh!


Today in Australia, we commemorate ANZAC Day (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps).

Today we remember all of our fallen soldiers, not only from Gallipoli, but all the conflicts our men and women have fought in so that we may have a better life.


Sue-Anne xxx


Suedio said...

Sue-Anne, your klosjes are looking beautiful!

Hope all goes well with the iphone (I'm hearing you about the contracts!!!) Once you are up and running with it you will LOVE it. You'll wonder what you ever did without it. I was always of the school of thought that the phone was just for making calls - but that's all changed for me now :)

Regards, Sue

Karen said...

I have not succumbed to the fancier phone. It sure is tempting. How frustrating to do all that you did and now have to go trade for the newer version.

julieQ said...

I have a fancy phone and use only about 5% of its capability, I am sure. Enjoy it, it has some fun stuff! Hope your day was good. Your spools are so pretty.

Suedio said...

Hi Sue-Anne

Hopefully I've fixed my noreply problem.

Regards, Sue

Julie said...

your spools are looking wonderful sue-anne.
best of luck with your phone dramas... i don't have the patience for that kind of thing!

yes... lest we forget.

julie xox

Julia said...

Your spools are looking great, so pretty!
I need to update my mobile too...I'm still with the old Motorola flip phone, but I hardly ever use it..so don't see the reason for a new one
Hugs Julia ♥

Notjustnat said...

Hi Sue-Anne, Nice post with all the activities you are doing. We went into Melbourne this morning really to take DGD to Ian Potter children garden, but we ran into the full ANZAC parade which was very interesting!
Well done on adding more klosjes blocks! I didn't managed to make any this week. I love my iPhone - Hugs Nat

Janet said...

The klosjes are beautiful, I would say that because I think we have similar colours, lol. Some of mine are a little darker. I have a newish phone, I hate the things. I get DH to set it up and then get him to teach me the basics. I can't even text. We're feeling the Anzac spirit here, especially because we have a foot in each country.

Shirley said...

Well done on getting to grips with your new phone. I can just about text but still keep forgetting to add credit or recharge. A hopeless case. I haven't made any klosjes again this week so you are catching me up. Don't they look great when you see them all together. We have Poppy Day/ Rememberence Sunday in November.
Love Shirley.

katrien said...

Like your klosjes again.

Miriam said...

Love your Klosjes. Your colour combinations are gorgeous! I have 50 made too, but I only finished 4 this week.

Good luck with Telstra and your new phone.

Lest we forget.

Deb said...

gorgeous klosjes. I'm really enjoying watching the progress. Bummer about the phone.

Terry said...

Good Luck with Telstra. AT&T in the states are worse if possiable.
Glad someone got some spools done.
ANZAC post very nice.

Hennie said...

Your spools are looking great, I love them.

Karen said...

Your spools are coming along nicely. That was a good idea to set a minimum to do per week! That way you have a set goal. Very smart. I don't have an i phone, but I can certainly imagine how frustrating it must have been for you to discover it was the wrong one! Good luck to you! :0)

Maree: said...

Your Blocks are looking Lovely..been looking at these new phones myself...Good Luck with the Exchange..

Leanne said...

Your Kloses are growing. I think you are very brave with your new phone I get so frustrated with new technology.

Joan said...

your pile of klosjes is increasing :) I think you are very brave to get that new I-phone - I still cant use my ordinary mobile in sooo many wasy - and its not that complicated I guess...hope it sorts out for you. one of my sons from Perth was here last weekend and was showing us his I-phone...didnt understand much - but was impressed ..Hope you are happy when it is sorted ...and no more migraines ♥

Wilmakuin said...

Sue-Anne, your klosjes are looking beautiful!!!

Valentina said...

yeah! 50 is great! and how lovely they all look together like that... O my... slowly but surely, Sue-Anne!
re the i-phone: just persevere, my husband has one and it has truly become part of our life, and remarkable piece of tech! so don't let it get to you, it will pay off!

Karen said...

Pretty klosjes, bad phone! It's funny I have no interest in having a phone, just my landline for emergencies. Now, I would be sad without my computer!

Barb said...

You'll love your Iphone. I got mine last june and I'm still fiddling with it.
The spools look great - 50, wow!

Wendy said...

Love your fabrics in the new blocks. Good luck with the phone.

Annemieke said...

The klosjes all together are looking beautiful!
I once had a new phone for 2 weeks and changed it back to my old one. If I can phone someone( that is all it can do) then it is ok for me. I know it takes a lot of time, my husband is always busy for hours if he changes phones. Good luck with it.

Sandra Henderson said...

I'm SO happy to have found YOU! I love your blog! I love your style of quilting! I've joined the One Flower Wednesdays... I am new to hexies, but like to make them w/reproduction fabrics and mix them up a bit as you do! I'll be back to visit! I'm putting you on my list! :)