Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quilts, Old Couches & Lucy

Sue saw a photo of Buddy on a previous post and asked me about this quilt.  The quilt is called "21st Century Bull's Eye" and is in a book from Country Threads called "Quilts from Aunt Amy".

I made this quilt several years ago together with 3 other girls.  Each block we made, we cut into 4 smaller blocks and then gave a block to each girl.  This process enabled us to have a really scrappy quilt with lots of different fabrics.

It was all raw edge machine applique and when the quilt was washed, it came up all fluffy and scrappy.  It remains one of my favourite quilts and no matter which room  I put it in, it always looks good.


When I was taking the photos, I thought I would also tell you about the couch that the quilt covers.  This couch belonged to my grandmother.  My mum remembers it as a little girl covered in blue studded leather.  Mum will be 80 this year so I am thinking it must be at least 70 years old. It has remained in our family for many years and has seen several different restorations to the upholstery.  I can remember as a little girl, falliing asleep on it while my father was watching the footy replay on a Saturday night.

Unfortunately, it has seen better days and I was lucky enough to bring it home from the Shearing Shed it had been stored in at mum and dad's. 

One day, I will get it recovered in a fitting fabric and the timber french polished, but for now, it is in our family room with my quilt over it to cover up the stains.  You know, it is still one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture I have ever sat in.

I also wanted to introduce you to Lucy.  She belongs to Chris (my eldest son) and Amy (his fiance) pictured below.  She is adorable and a gentle giant.

Here she is playing with Buddy.  She has to lie down to play with him, otherwise there is no contest.  She loves squeaky toys and if she gets one in her mouth, she squeaks it like she is playing a tune.  It is hilarious.

I spent a whole day over Easter making hexagon flowers and found my wrist was a bit sore the next day so I have been working on Phebe ever since.  Nothing significant more to show at this stage as I have been mainly appliqueing down the pieces I had already prepared.  Whilst I love my handwork, it is slow going as far as blogging goes but I will probably show a photo in my next post.

Sue-Anne xxx


Diane H said...

That's a lovely quilt Sue-Anne, especially since it was made with friends. Your old couch must weigh a tonne! It great that you are able to have it in your home now. Ah, sweet Lucy. We just have our wee Jack Russell now having lost his dear friend last November but soon it will be time to bring home another dog. There are always good dogs just waiting at the shelters for somebody to give them a home.

Diane H said...

Your quilt is lovely Sue-Anne, especially since it was made with friends. Wonderful old couch - it must weigh a tonne! So glad you have it in your home now. Sweet Buddy and Lucy. We have just our Jack Russell, Jake now.
Our old dog Gyspy passed last Nov. It's almost time to get Jake a new friend, he misses her terribly. There is always a rescue dog out there looking for a forever home.

Stina said...

Love Your quilt.. they are so soft and cuddly made this way.. I know.. I have one ... made in another way.. almost worn out by now... :o)

Brandie said...

That couch is a treasure.
Lucy does look sweet. It looks as if Buddy doesn't mind her at all.

Shirley said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
Lovely insight to your family's treasure. Those memories are irreplaceable. The quilt is lovely, love the idea of sharing the fabrics and blocks like that. The dogs look very good tempered.
Love Shirley.x

Anonymous said...

I love that you made the quilt with friends and shared the quarters - great for the scrappy look and even better for the memories. I looks terrific on your couch.

It's so nice to be the caretaker of a family's treasures and to be able to share the history of it with future generations. Sometimes the 'oldies' really are the 'goodies'.

Lucy looks enormous! Funny how with dogs (as with a lot of things in life) seemingly so different creatures can make the greatest of friends!

Regards, Sue

julieQ said...

I have a bulleyes quilt all cut out! I must get that thing together, this year. Love your babies, dogs add so much richness to our lives.

Lizzie said...

Love the quilt Sue-Anne and thanks for telling the story of the couch, you're lucky to have the family history in such a gorgeous piece. Lucy and Buddy look like good 'buddies', it's funny how size is no deterrent when you just want to have fun!! Lizzie

Julia said...

I love the quilt Sue-Anne and thanks for telling the story of the couch,
What a great way to make the quilt with friends...can you please tell me how big were the blocks before you cut them.. Hugs Julia ♥

Karen said...

I really like your bulls eye quilt! This is definitely one quilt you can cuddle up with! :0)

Karen said...

Lucy and Buddy are beautiful! I love old things and what I can see of your couch, it is beautiful. And, the Bull's Eye quilt is great.

Barb said...

I have a bullseye quilt too and it remains one of my favorites!
Lucy looks like a sweety

supergoof said...

I love this quilt,... and the little quiltinspector off course,...

Karen said...

I made one of those Bulls Eye quilts. Fun to do!