Saturday, March 27, 2010

Klosjes, Phebe and Applique for Valentina

I managed only 6 this week but still one more than my goal so that's ok.

I now have a total of 27!

Look what came home with me this week.  Rural Jardin is in our local store and the large floral is absolutely divine.  The blues are beautiful too.  Another green and brown for Phebe was also added.

I had to make a Klosje straight away with this fabric. 

I am still making slow progress on Phebe.  I have added some greenery and have started appliqueing down some of the pieces.

I love the blue and purple together in this flower.

Here is my finished Browne Sisters block. 

Valentina has asked me to do a tutorial on how I prepare my applique. 

These are the tools I use.  Reynolds freezer paper, Roxannes Glue, a sandpaper board, collection of gel and pigma pens and scissors.

I trace all the shapes onto the dull side of the freezer paper and if there are lots of shapes (like Phebe) I number them all.  If I am doing multiples of a particular shape, like a leaf, I will use templastic.

Cut the shape out on the line that you traced, then iron it onto the right side of your applique fabric with the shiny side down.  Don't worry if you don't get it placed correctly, you can pull it off and iron it down again.

This photo isn't too clear but, once you have ironed your shape onto your fabric, trace around the outside of the shape, onto the fabric using a gel or pigma pen.  Choose a colour that you can see but not something that may show through when you turn the edges under.  For this pink, I have used a silver gel pen.  You can see this better further down.   Cut out your shape about 1/8 inch from the gel line.

Pull your freezer paper off and turn your shape over, wrong side facing.  Place tiny little dots of glue around your shape, making sure it is well inside the edge because when you needleturn, you want to be able to tuck the fabric under without being blocked by the glue.

Turn your piece back over and stick down onto your background fabric in the correct position.  Don't worry if you have to realign it once you start sewing.  You can easily lift off the shape and reglue it down again.  The glue washes out completely in water or you can lift the applique fabric up as you sew to remove the bond of the glue to the background fabric.

There are so many different methods for applique and this is just the way I prefer to prepare mine.  I always use Roxanne's Glue and Roxanne's Applique needles.  I will try and work out how I can put this into a separate little box on my sidebar.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Sue-Anne xxx


Julia said...

Beautiiful Klosjes Sue-Anne,,,
I love the Phebe quilt..It's on my to do list..for one day!
Julia ♥

Shirley said...

Why do you have to live so far away? I need you to come fabric shopping with me. I love that bird fabric, well all of them. Phebe is looking beautiful as I knew she would. Such pretty Klosjes too. Well done Sue-Anne. I just love everything that you do. ( Does this make me a stalker?)
Love Shirley.x

Valentina said...

Sue-Anne, I am smiling from ear to ear! Oh, your klosjes make me smile, Phebe makes my heart sing, and a "Tut" just for me is the best Birthday present! Thank you my friend!
I will make you proud, teacher!

Karen said...

The new fabric piece with the bird is oh so pretty!

Your Phebe block is coming along well. I have a piece of the fabric you used for the bird wings. It is interesting to see you different fabric choices in the block.

Marieke said...

Beautifull klosjes you've made! And they look wonderfull all together. I was worried that to many different colours would make the quilt quit 'loud'. That's why I only use different shades of blue and green. But yours isn't loud at all. It just looks great. And your tutorial is excellent. I will be using that method as well! Thanks.

wilmakuin said...

I love your Phebe quilt!!
The klosjes are beautiful. You make pretty quilts, Seu-Ann...

wilmakuin said...

And yes. You life so far away...

Greetings from Holland...

Béa said...

Your klosjes look wonderful together and Phebe grow beautifuly.

katrien said...

Lovely spools an very nice your appliqué blocks.

Ann Champion said...

Your spools are so pretty!

I love seeing your progress on Phoebe. The fabrics you're using are so interesting. They make each detail stand out.

I enjoyed your tut on applique. I've never tried using glue, but it would make pins unnecessary and keep one from getting stabbed when bunching the fabric for applique.
Thanks for the great instructions and good pics. :)

Brandie said...

I love how you twisted your spools. They all look so nice.

Hennie said...

Your klosjes are beautiful, I like the fabrics you use.
Have a nice weekend Hennie.

Anonymous said...

The klosjes are looking great (nice fussy cutting, too).

How nice is that new fabric? I'll have to keep an eye out for that ...

And Phoebe's looking fantastic. I just love the wings on the birds!

Great tutorial - you use the same method as me. You really can't go past the Roxanne's glue. I started out using pins, but the glue just totally liberates you.

Regards, Sue

Susan In Texas said...

I'm still drooling over the Klosjes; I may have nearly reached my tipping point. ;)

Your applique tutorial was very interesting. I have never seen glue used before, but I can see how that could work very well.

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Terry said...

Spools Pheobe and a tutorial on needle turn assembly. WOW a great post. Looking forward to the next instalment
Happy Stitching Terry

Unknown said...

1) I'm in LOVE with your klosjes, Sue-Anne !
2) I'm in LOVE with your new fabrics !
3) Such a GREAT tutorial, and how generous !
So you make with us, you show, and you share your tips and skills ;>) Isn't that wonderful, indeed ?
THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, dear !

antique quilter said...

oh I love those fabrics and yes perfect for the Phebe quilt
I need to go fabric shopping just for that quilt
it needs special fabrics.
love your vase fabric
thanks for the tutorial I am always curious how people work

Anonymous said...

You really do have a wonderful eye for fabric choice...perfect!

Stina Blomgren said...

Say the same as Mary... lovely choices... and I have to buy me more french general!!! :o)

Rose Marie said...

Your klosjes are wonderful and I love your colours and fabrics that you chose. And Phebe, well, what can I say ... gorgeous!

Karen said...

Your Klosjes are wonderful and I love, love the new fabric! The Browne Sisters block is lovely and Phebe makes my heart skip a beat. I prepare my applique the same way as you, less the glue. Excellent tutorial!