Saturday, March 6, 2010


First you have to find the perfect little tin to keep your supplies in,

Then you have to gather some special fabrics together,

Then you get to the good part, sewing these little treasures!

Klosjes are little spools.  I first discovered them on Valentina's blog, then Nadine's, and then I just kept coming across them everywhere.  I tried to resist them but when I discovered JanetShirley and Ranette were making them, I could not hold onto my resolve any longer.

From what I have read, women all over Holland sit and sew these Klosjes each Saturday.  They are either 2.5 or 3 inches finished.  Another blog to have a look at and see some wonderful photos is Ingrid's.  She has made over 500 spools.

I have only managed to make 5 so far (a little rusty on the handpiecing).  I am going to try and only do them on a Saturday, but it could be difficult to stick to as they are so cute!

I am happy in the knowledge that while I am stitching mine, all my new special friends that I have met through blogging are also stitching theirs at the same time. 

Sue-Anne xxx


supergoof said...

It's so much fun to read the Dutch word 'klosje'!
It's a very strong virus,... I wish you a lot of fun!

BÊa said...

Irresistible...I have some special fabrics, hum ...we'll have to see.

Valentina said...

Oh, Sue-Anne! I think I AM IN LOVE!
they are sooooooo beautiful! lovely soft colours... swoon...
oh, that itch to stitch another one is coming on strong!

Shirley said...

As ever Sue-Anne, gorgeous eye candy. I sat cutting lots of fabric ready to stitch some together today. I have the klosjes virus.
Love Shirley.x

Stina said...

Love your little ones..sooo lovely colours.... I am resisting resisting.. but dont think I can to looong.. ;o)

katrien said...

Yes it is a very great virus in Holland,i like your spools and your lovely tin box.
My spooltop is already finished.

Nadine said...

I just LOVE your spools, dear Sue-Anne ! Theyy are so, so cute.... AND I LOVE your tin box too! ;>)
Keep going, dear. I told you this was FUN!

Brandie said...

Your spools like more like spool then some I have seen. What fun.

WilmaKUin said...

I love your spools with roses!!

Susan In Texas said...

I had no idea they were so tiny until I went over to Ingrid's blog. 6cm on a side; is that finished or unfinished? Either way it is much smaller than I thought. They are darling, and a great way to get use up lots of itty bitty scraps, but I have sooo much else to do - must resist tempation!


gerda said...

its great that you make "klosjes" to...tey are beautiful!!!

julieQ said...

How beautiful!!! I need some of these!

Mayleen said...

How tempting this is! Your klosjes are so beautiful. So much I'd like to do but so little time!

*karendianne. said...

My gosh, they're beautiful!!!

Karen said...

You are off to a wonderful start! I too could not resist.

Notjustnat said...

Lovely little blocks. I started this one too, but far from show and tell yet - Hugs Nat

Joke said...

Love your klosjes and your weblog!
It's so much fun to see how the klosjesvirus is spreading.
By the way: it's not that we are only making klosjes on saturday, but we SHOW every saturday a klosjesupdate.
Have fun making these little cuties!

Wendy said...

Spool blocks are addicting, I made lots and traded them. Keep on stitching.