Saturday, March 13, 2010

Klosjes Saturday & A New Project

I have made 8 Klosjes this week, bringing my total to 13.  Not many, I know, but I am getting a little quicker each time so hopefully I will be zooming along soon.  I think it will take quite a while to make enough for a quilt but I am really enjoying the process of making each little spool.

I have also started a new project.  The quilt is called Swan Lake by Susan Smith and I am taking the class at Patchwork on Stonleigh.  The quilt is an adaption of the Dancing Dollies quilt from South Australia.  I'm not quite sure when it was made but it is very old.  This is a beautiful quilt and you can see more of it here.

The quilt requires many of these hexagons flowers and given my track record with hexagons, I think I will have my work cut out.  This is going to be a long term project, but I think you will all agree, well worth the effort,  and an opportunity that I couldn't pass on.

And of course, I couldn't leave Stonleigh without at least one new piece of fabric.  The photo doesn't do it justice - it is the most beautiful shade of blue and will be used in both Swan Lake and Phebe.

Just had to show you this jar.  It is a Mason's jar that I purchased at the market in Violet Town today.  Jan, Helen and myself went on a road trip to see the first annual "Airing of the Quilts".  They had over 300 quilts on display all around the town.  The organisers did a great job and the main street looked fantastic.  There were people everywhere.  They had a huge market with lots of different stalls and Jan spotted this jar for me.  It's quite large and is going to sit on my little red and white quilt that Jan made me for my birthday last year.  I love the white shell buttons and every time I go to a store with buttons, I buy some to add to the collection.

Sue-Anne xxx


Janet said...

Eight is good Sue-Anne, if you are tackling them regularly, your numbers will grow. I love the fabric purchases, your hexagons, swoon, love those and your Mason jar of buttons. All favourite things of mine.

Karen said...

You are going to be making lots of Klosjes & hexagon pieces for your two quilts! Lots of hand stitching. I checked the quilt you linked to. It will be a beauty when done.

Valentina said...

Hi Sue-Anne, Your Klosjes are lovely!
I love the fabrics you are using, so delicate and sweet. And I can see how they are made with such loving care... :)
Now let's talk HEXIES! wow, such beauties! you have such a good eye to spot gorgeous fabric... :)
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Mayleen said...

Looking so longingly at the Klosjes! Sigh. They are beautiful and am looking forward to seeing your completed quilt!

Katrien said...

Love the spools and what a nice project with the hexagonnes.

Marieke said...

You've made beautifull klosjes! And the fun is: you can work on them all week and blog on saturday how your progress is. You have wonderfull fabrics!

Shirley said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
Every klosje you make is one nearer to a quilt. Go girl! That is one awesome quilt with all those hexagons - love it. I think we have all been out shopping for " old " things this week. Great find.
Love Shirl.x

Karen said...

Eight Klosjes is good! I also love your hexagons. I must get back to making mine. And, what an excellent jar for your buttons.

Stina said...

Ahh.. think its good too.. I still havent done anymore than the first..:o)
So your 8 is very good!!
Love the Jar too.. love jars..:o)

dragonfly gypsy said...

WOW!! Sue-Anne those spools are great. What size are they? Love the hexies and your button jar too. Great post. Cheers Sharron

WilmaKuin said...

Your klosjes are beautiful!!

Love the hexjes!!

Hennie said...

Hallo Sue-Ann,
I love your klosjes eight is oké, your hexagons are looking good to ! ! !
Have a nive day Hennie.

Notjustnat said...

Eight klosjes in a week was good. I love the colours you have chosen. Great new project, is it a reproduction quilt? You will have fun. I read about the "Airing of the Quilts" in Violet Town and would have like to go, unfortunately it's our last weekend before we leave and there are so much to do still :( Hugs Nat

Julia said...

Hi Sue-Anne, Your Klosjes are lovely!
Eight is good going for a week,,It doesn't matter how many we do a week, it's just great fun!..
I love the dancing dollies quilt, I made a dresden palte with the dolly border, now hand quilting her...and you lucky girl being able to go to Patchwork on Stonleigh, I made their Civil War quilt from their pattern, wish I could come with you!

Anonymous said...

Klosjes are looking really good...

And that Dancing Dollies is lovely - a lot of hexagons there!!!

There's just something about a quilt airing isn't there? While a show/competition is a wonderful opportunity to see some spectacular work, an airing has just a bit of intimacy about it (even with 300) - such a wonderful way for like-minded people to say "hey, look what I've done and I want to share it with you". Glad you had a good time.

Regards, Sue