Monday, February 22, 2010

The 9 Patch Pile is Growing

I've been working on my positive/negative 9 patches and the pile is slowly getting bigger.

We went to an engagement party on Saturday night and here is a photo of my two boys.  Kellie had to work so I couldn't get a photo of the three of them.  It is nearly impossible to get them all together long enough for a family photo.  Even the last three Christmases, one of them was out of the country!  I have already introduced you to Nic on the right (he has an aversion to smiling in photos) and on the left is Christopher.  He is my oldest (25) and is a plumber.  He has just started his own business and has been really busy so it was good to spend an evening with him.

Sue-Anne xxx


jean said...

Hi Sue Anne
I love your nine patches , 9 patch is such a simple block but one that I adore.
Your sons are good eye candy also :-)

Julie said...

hi sue-anne,
your 9 patches are looking fab. and i stand by my earlier comment re the 2nd photo.... perhaps even more now! :P

julieQ said...

How fun! I love your growing pile of nine patches. Your boys are dolls!

Shirley said...

Great job Sue-Anne and the nine patches look good too! Wish I was 25 again!!!
Love Shirley.x

Brandie said...

Thats a lot of 9-patches. It looks like you had fun.

Susan In Texas said...

You sure do have a couple of fine-lookin' boys! Too bad I'm twice their age. :0

Your 9-patch is terrific too. You're making really good progress on that. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

Susan in Texas

Valentina said...

I can see you are very proud of your handsome boys...
But I must say it was your nine-patches that took my breath away!
I can't over your lovely colours!

Notjustnat said...

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous sons with us. They are better looking than quilts LOL!!! Love your positive negative nite patch. Nine patch was my first love in quilting-brought back lots of memories - Hugs Nat

*karendianne. said...

mmm, I love these nine patches!!! There is just nothing like the simplicity of nice patches, is there? Nope!

Stina said...

Aint ninepatches such a joy to make...:o)