Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I may have mentioned previously that I bought this pattern last year at the Aust. Quilt Convention.  The quilt is called Phebe, designed by Di Ford and I purchased the pattern at Threadbear.  There is a LOT of work in this quilt and I must admit, each time I get the instructions out to read I put it away again, thinking that I will wait until I have finished all my other projects (which we all know is never going to happen).

Anyway, the green hill in the central applique is very different - quite teal looking.  Each time I visit a patchwork shop, I look for something similar but as yet had been unable to find anything close.  I could have substituted another shade of green but for me, that particular green is what highlights the central applique.

There are a couple of blogs (secret sewing sisterhood & Needles, Sticks & Hooks) in which girls have started working on this masterpiece and I have been a regular stalker, watching how their quilts are coming along.  Deb, from Needles, Sticks & Hooks mentioned that she had found the green!  I emailed her and she told me she had bought it online and got the last piece, but that it was from Blackbird Designs Chelsea Boutique range.

Well the hunt was on!  I googled and googled and googled till I was googled out!  I knew Patchwork on Stonleigh had carried that range but it was so long ago.  I went down this morning and spoke with Christine.  She said she would have a look at home and then when we were looking in the scrap basket, what was there but a tiny piece of it!

How happy was I!!!!  It is a very small piece but if I split it down the middle and then rejoin it, it will just be enough for the hill.  The colour in this photo is not good but you can see in the first pic how good the green looks.

Thank you Deb.  I would never have found it if you didn't give me the info on the fabric. 

My next quest will be to find the perfect background!!!

Sue-Anne xxx


Valentina said...

How inspiring! And what a jaw-dropper quilt: I will be cheering you on as you conquer this masterpiece.
As soon as I figured out the Follower-thingy I rushed back! It will be fun to get to know each other,
Thanks again for the warm welcome to Blogland,
greeting from Cyprus,

Adele said...

Hi Sue anne

I don't know whether you remember me im Adele i used to frequent Patchwork on Stonleigh until i moved to Ascot in Brisbane.

I have a week off work so I am going to start a blog with those interested in starting the Phebe quilt. I like you look at the pattern and just put it a way, its such a big quilt i think we need all the support and encouragement with this big ole quilt.


Shirley said...

Go for it Sue-Anne, that is a fabulous pattern. Just staring and drooling over it won't get it started. I love the excitement of a new project.

shona hando said...

I've had a similar brilliant experience with Patchwork on Stonleigh - I needed about a fat 1/16 to finish fussy cutting enough berries for my Civil War 3. Christine found a small piece in her personal stash which saved the day for me. They are brilliant. I'm hoping to start on Phebe soon(ish).

Nadine said...

Dear Sue An,
Hello from my little corner of the world (Belgium) ! ;>)
I just found your blog through my friend Valentina's, and OMG such a pleasant and inspiring blog ! I immediately decided to subscribe to it, so that I won't miss any post of yours ;>)
LOVE, LOVE your new applique project. This will be a heirloom, for sure !
Smiles & friendship threads to you,

Brandie said...

This is going to be another winner. I looked back at all your posts and girl, your quilts are all just gorgeous. Your work and color schemes, the tops. Can't wait to see this next one.

Notjustnat said...

That's really impressive quilt. Good luck with it. Let me know if you need any fabrics to add to it. I have some to spare - Hugs Nat

Nanci said...

This is like a DJ quilt...a life of its own in the making from the look of the pattern.
I think you will be doing other stuff in between this project.

I think I could do one of those blocks though!

Karen said...

Is this the same fabric you were looking for?
You certainly had a lucky find on your fabric!

Robyn said...

Oh wow Sue-Anne,
Isn't this a stunning quilt??
I cna imagine getting the instructions out and then putting them away again..lol
I adore that teal colour... "Nells Flower Garden" also an older Blackbird range had that divine colour too!
I hope you enjoy your journey... I know I'll be watching on.
Thanks for the links...think I'll pop by for a visit.
hugs Robyn x

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your teal fabric . . . and glad you're getting the pattern out from time to time. That's a start.

I've got the pattern and fabric sitting here - but I'm determined to finish a couple of other things before I start, so I can give some serious attention!

Does anyone ever really get those other things finished?

Regards, Sue

Deb said...

Hi Sue-Anne - glad to be of help. I know what it's like when you just have to have the right colour - nothing else will do. Lovely work you're doing here. Can't wait to see what you do with Phebe.

MJinMichigan said...

I spent quite a bit of time searching for that fabric for Phebe too. I agree that it really makes the center block sing. I finally found it and have been collecting other fabrics and am almost ready to start the quilt. I hope you will post pictures of your progress. It's fun to see how different fabrics change the look of the quilt.