Friday, February 19, 2010

Going for Gold in the Sewing Room

Last Friday at sewing, after seeing Marg's quilt, Michelle and Helen decided they were going to make a "positive/negative 9 patch" quilt from their fabric club stash.  They rushed down to the quilt shop and bought their backing fabric and there was lots of talk about how much free time each had over the weekend to make a start on it.  There were definately competitive undertones in the conversation.

At sewing today, they were both there, with their Janome Gem's, furiously sewing away.  The story eventually came out how the week transpired with lots of text messages to each other, checking to make sure that one hadn't done more than the other.  It made for a very funny and interesting afternoon and I decided that I wanted in on the challenge.

I raced, with Helen, to the quilt shop on the way home, and purchased some background fabric.  After tea, I hunted down just a small portion of my fabric club stash, and have made a few blocks already.

I would also like to brag that we have our first GOLD MEDAL at the Winter Olympics!  Torah Bright brought home the Gold in the Womens' Snowboard Half Pipe and I am so proud!  This is only the 4th gold medal Australia has ever won at the Winter Olympics.  Congratulations Torah!!!

Have a great weekend everyone and to Michelle and Helen, let the Friday Girl Games begin!

Sue-Anne xxx


Nanci said...

Oh I watched as everyone in the stands were yelling 'TORA, TORA, TORA" everyone...it was such a great win for her and she truly deserved it! A lovely girl!
We are all watching as many events as they show on tv.
I love nine patch blocks. I am sending one to the IIleene's as was posted. I don't know too much about her hardship, but a small patch isn't difficult. Just a long time to get to Australia.

Karen said...

A funny story about the sewing competition!

Shirley said...

I can feel the heat from the hot machines here in England. I love nine patch blocks and have a plan to make something with said blocks to use up some of those scraps I am hoarding. I have to be good though and if I put it on next month's list I can start it - right? Nothing like a bit of competition to get you motivated. Look forward to seeing the results.
ps. look out for Adam Pengilly who is from my home town of Taunton. He is racing on one of those tea tray things!! How funny would that be - the alternative olympics on tea trays and bath tubs etc,as seen on our hills during the recent snow.

MARCIE said...

Very cute post! And I love all your pretty 9-patches! Your applique from previous post is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a bit of friendly motivation/competition to get the needles threaded!

And how could you not be inspired with that basket of fabric goodies to look at.

Happy stitching. Sue

michelle williams said...

Wow the pressure is really on!! Looks like I'm in 'lock down' this weekend - just me and my Janome Jem.

Bring it on girls - Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi..

PS - your blocks are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sue-Anne You are unreal Jm x

Notjustnat said...

Nice nine patch blocks. I like those soft colours. Yes go Aussie, Torah Bright. We saw it just when she won, but we couldn't hear the sound because we were in a coffee shop - Hugs Nat

Anita said...

Hi Sue-Anne. What a funny story about your friends and their competitive streak. They are probably being influenced by the Games going on at the moment....not. You couldn't help yourself either! That's so funny. Go for gold girl. Kind regards, Anita.

julieQ said...

Love your basket of fabric goodness there. I am enjoying the Olympics too!