Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boys - why do they have to fiddle with things!

This is Nic, my "middle" child.  12 months ago, against all advice given freely by us, his parents, he purchased a beautiful blue sports car (Nissan 350Z).  He bought it over the internet, much to my horror, and then two weeks before Christmas we had to drive all the way to Sydney to pick it up. 

Now that he was a "car enthusiast" he then decided that he wanted to add twin turbos (as if it didn't have enough power).  Another two trips to Sydney and a lot of money later, he owned the fastest and best car in the street.

He was very happy with it for a little while, only driving it after work and using his good old VS Holden commodore for things like going to work and shopping centres etc.

Moving on to two weeks before this Christmas.  He discovered "drifting".  Back on to the internet he went, and found a suitable Nissan 180SX in Melbourne this time.  He sold his commodore and off he went with a mate to pick up his new car. 


It cost him heaps to get it up to roadworthy standard and got it registered on Christmas Eve.  4 days later, he damaged the bar that goes between the front wheels practising his "drifting" and had to get it towed and fixed.  Then the radiator has packed it in because this car has been modified by somebody that isn't a decent motor mechanic, and he has to fix that.  Of course he has run out of money now and has had to use the Z while this one waits to be fixed.

This morning I was woken up at 4.30am by him.  He left for work and heard a strange noise, then discovered the Z was leaking petrol all down the street!  Now we have two cars in our driveway, both of them not working!

My husband says if he had of just kept the commodore, he could have had enough money for a deposit on a house by now and we wouldn't have a heap of cars sitting out the front!

I am still appliqueing Rosebud but thought I would show this pic for a bit of quilting news.  Can't remember the name of the quilt but it is a Robyn Pandolph design and remember that beautiful Folk Art Wedding range of hers? That's the pink strip I used.  Another one I want to handquilt one day.

Sue-Anne xxx


Anonymous said...


Love the applique on this quilt - so soft and delicate. Sounds like you've got a bit of a pile of tops to be handquilted!

We've had a few cars in our day - not all of them a total success. Poor Nicholas . . . I feel his pain :) (and yours, too).

Regards, Sue

Anita said...

Sue-Anne, now girl, I'm not laughing at your boy and his car business, I'm actually shaking in my boots. I have two boys!!!! I just know it's gonna happen, I just know it. With a father who never outgrew cars and the smell of burning rubber, there is no hope for them. In a few years it will be me telling the same story as you have just written. Whoa is us. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anita.

Notjustnat said...

Sue-Anne, a nice story to share with us. Just a change from quilting story. I must say blue is nice colour for a little sport car and I can see why Nic likes it. Back to your applique. It's looking great - Hugs Nat

Nanci said...

Well, having lived with a car nut for over 30 years, I totally understand his love of the cars! But internet purchases is truly adventurous. My brother in law has purchase a few over the web, but drove to get them..Yeah thinking logically, how many houses could you buy...doesn't wash with the stars in their eyes when they see a car!

Sometimes we need to blog about something different. I enjoyed the read.

Shirley said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
My daughter and her boyfriend have a vw split screen camper van that is their pride and joy - well, more Olly's pride and joy, it is Sarah's when it is working. They went all round the coast of Britain in it before breaking down just a few miles and a few days from the end of their journey doing an amazing 5,000miles. We couldn't believe it got that far. Don't know how they slept in it as they are both tall and it stinks of petrol. Rather them than me. I had to stare at Penny!!! for 12 months just a few feet from my living room window. Thankfully it has gone to live with them, oh joy.
Love the quilt and the applique.

*karendianne. said...

Oh what a story, what a read, what a drift...

What husband says, about keeping the commodore and having enough money for a deposit on a house by now was true enough but then pointing out how you wouldn't have a heap of cars sitting out the front - well that was just too painfully true. So true I had to laugh! Great post.

PS: (thank you for sharing the lovely beautiful amazing quilt top. wow!)

MJinMichigan said...

What a beautiful quilt top! The applique is lovely and the Folk Art Wedding line was perfect for it. I still have quite a bit of fabric from that line just waiting for the perfect project.
I don't think I've ever seen that Robyn Pandolph design. Was it in a book or a pattern?

Adele said...

I can relate to your son with being a car enthusiast I bought a turboed car 2 weeks ago I work so much I decided I wanted one only to have it for 2 days and for me to drive it for 20 minutes and then to hand the keys over to my partner which i should never have done he over revved it and blew a hole in the engine the size of your fist so now after a whole engine rebuild and $8000.00 later i pick up my car on Monday.

Will start on the blog for Pheobe on Monday :)

Adele xx

michelle Williams said...


What would we do without Nicholas!! How funny.....

retdairyqueen said...

Boys will be boys
Liked your quilt you are working on very much

clare's craftroom said...

What a beautiful quilt , such lovely colours !

Susan In Texas said...

I have worked with very nice young man (and a complete car nut) named Charlie, for almost 10 years now. While fresh out of school he bought a new sports car and immediately "improved" it in ways that I totally did not understand and seriously violated the terms of his warrantee. After two quick crashes in succession, I'm happy to say he changed to a more sensible approach. It's VERY nice to have someone who can accurately diagnose my car troubles EVERY TIME based on my ignorant explanations of weird car behaviors and strange auto noises, but I'm equally glad that my husband has safer, cheaper hobbies. ;)

Good luck!

PS That blue car was gorgeous and so is your applique. 8)

Julie said...

oh boy! i so feel your pain sue-anne. my son has a 200sx and it has had him in so much trouble. it is has been tagged by the police. absolutely beautiful drifting car, i must say. ( yes, his silly mother is still a wee bit of a petrol head). he has since bought himself the new mazda mps turbo and is selling the s15, which now makes 2 cars of his to be sitting on our property. but, oh the temptation! LOL