Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shopping for Phebe

Look what I found while searching for background fabric for Phebe!

Isn't it divine!  I think my favourite is the one above, I can just see it stitched into a sewing bag as a little border.  Maybe on red linen or prairie cloth???


I really hope that this is not an indication of how I am going to progress with the whole quilt.  I have been in a bit of a panic trying to find the perfect background fabric.  I have travelled many kilometres and three NE Victoria towns searching.  I found the darker one pictured above and thought it would be ok.  When I got home, I then thought it was too dark so I decided to bleach it.  Wouldn't you know it, the dye is holding really well and after an hour of soaking, had hardly lifted any of the colour out. 

I did find the lighter fabric that is underneath and I think I have now settled on that.   It's a bit lighter than I had planned but I just can't seem to find anything in between and I think once I get all the applique pieces on it will be fine (although I am thinking about tea dying it - or not?)

I wanted to share this stitchery with you.  I made it quite a few years ago and turned it into a cushion.  So many of my stitcheries have been ruined over the years living as cushion covers and this one I have only been bringing out at Christmas.  When going to put it away the other day I thought, what a waste to hide it.  I am thinking now I might pull it apart and put it in a frame to hang somewhere.  Then I can enjoy it all year round.

I received a lovely email the other day from Erika of We All Sew.  They are going to list my blog on their "favourite blogs" next week.  I feel very honoured.  So, please follow the link above and have a look at their website.  They have lots of interesting information and handy tips for us quilters.

I am still working on the 9 patches and the pile is getting taller.

Sue-Anne xxx


Cubby House Crafts said...

I'm sure you will make the right decision on your fabrics, as all your quilts are gorgeous!It is a sweet stitchery and would look lovely as a wallhanging Lisa

michelle Williams said...

Yeh for you Sue-Anne - we all know how clever you are and its so fantastic to see other people love your work as much as we enjoy it (we - as in the Friday Girls).

Not giving too much away - but my 9 Patch pile is complete!!

See you tomorrow


Karen said...

I do like the Christmas stitchery. It is very different but still prim style.

Notjustnat said...

I want some of that please? How beautiful. It will go nicely with my red and white and prints all over!!! Hugs Nat

May Britt said...

Love the little stitchery. So cute. Agree that it should be framed and up on the wall.

Shirley said...

What a lovely find for the fsbrics. I am sure you will find the right project to showcase it. Sounds like the nine patch rivalry is building. Love the little stitchery, I too would want to see it all the time.

Valentina said...

OMG! I Love all the first fabric... The background fabric, the stitchery and well... Congratulations being a 'Favourite Blog": you are cetainly one of mine!

Anita said...

Hi Sue-Anne, I love your Christmas stitchery, it is lovely. I have had many cushion covers wrecked over the years as well, but my thought is that I have an excuse to now make another one!!! Love your materials as well. Have fun. Kind regards, Anita.

Nanci said...

Oh Sue-Anne, you aren't like me at all! I think that I'm too out there when it comes to matching. I have no sense of total shades.
But I can see why this would be special as it's all very very dainty looking.
That little Christmas cushion is darling.

Brandie said...

That is a beautiful fabric, the red. Is it a linen or regular fabric to cut into?

julieQ said...

Very pretty stitchery, I don't blame you for bringing it out only at Christmas!

Kathie said...

that first fabric is just so awesome, I can see many uses for that.
oh I am going shopping next month for fabric for the Phebe quilt
I am looking forward to starting that quilt soon too.
I like your choice...hmm tea dying it may give you the look you originally wanted. all the applqiue on top of it though will take away the lightness of it.
just mho!

jean said...

Hi Sue-Anne
What a divine fabric, where did you score that?
Love your fabric choice for Phebe. That quilt is also on my bucket list. I did see a completed centre yesterday, it was wonderful.

Stina said...

WOW... now you have to tell me.. What fabric line was that.. and tell me more..PLease... it is absolutely fantastic... Im in love...:o)

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

That fabric is definately a find & the stitchery is beautiful....you have inspired me.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love all the fabric. Very neat. And that stitchery cushion you made...adorable.

clare's craftroom said...

That first fabric is just amazing ! All of your fabric is beautiful though .