Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cross Stitch & a Visit to Stonleigh

I have admired cross stitch for a long time, especially Blackbird Designs but have never done any.  I fell in love with this pattern I saw in a magazine.  It is from Stacy Nash Primitives and thought it might be a good one for a beginner.  I finished it just before Christmas and loved the process, although it really showed me how bad my eyes are.  Strictly stitching in the daylight for this one.

Today I called in to my local quilt shop, Patchwork on Stonleigh, and came home with these.

Sue-Anne xxx


Anita said...

Hi there Sue-Anne, I love your piece of work, well done! There's something special about cross stitch and it is a good indicator on how your eye sight is. I only can do cross stitch at certain times of the day. Ha Ha. All the best and kind regards, Anita.

Julie said...

your cross stitch is beautiful sue-anne. i'm a bit of a cross stitch nut myself, and like you my eyes really show signs of aging. i've been known to put magnifiers over my normal glasses. not pretty but it does help. LOL
unfortunately, the photo of your purchases won't load for me.
julie :)

Anonymous said...

Don't think of it as bad eyes - think of it as slightly fuzzy fabric!

Very nice work. I hope there will be more (daylight) cross stitch projects to come.

Love today's purchases, too. Any special projects in mind?

Regards, Sue

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Sue-Anne,

Before I got sucked into quilting, I used to do cross-stitch ALL the time and my eye-sight started to go to. I got this Dazor lamp as a big birthday present one year and it made an absolutely incredible difference. Suddenly I could stitch on the tightest weaves with ease. Here is the link: http://www.nordicneedle.com/PROD/E10-00-00/70119.html

I could stitch in a room with the lights off at night using just the light & magnification from this lamp. It's wonderful. Two warnings though. I moved moved my lamp near a sunny window and I noticed that the magnifier was catching the sun into a beam against the wall, so I keep it covered with my old sewing machine cover. Also, the articulated arm shed a bit of oily material on my upholstered chair, which left a mark. Had I known, I would have thrown a towel over the arm of the chair. This was one of the best presents I ever got. Expensive, but worth it!

Happy stitching,

Wendy said...

The cross stitch is adorable, I've always loved that pattern.

Kathie said...

I have been wanting to start cross stitching, I keep seeing wonderful things in blogland
stacy nash has some beautiful patterns
I LOVE what you made, adorable!
which magazine was that in, looks like something I could actually make too!