Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Star Spotting & Retail Therapy

Kellie and I arrived back from Melbourne just after 1am this morning.  A very long day but I did manage to fit in a little retail therapy.  I have wanted to visit Patchwork with Gail B for quite some time and I was not disappointed.  Above are the fabrics I purchased, all "oldies but goodies". 

I got the date mixed up with regard to Kellie arriving home, thought she was arriving tonight instead of last night but not to worry because as it turned out I did see someone famous!  Kim Kleister (not sure of the spelling) the tennis player, here for the Australian Open.  I would have taken a photo (yes I had my camera in my bag) but it was pouring with rain and she was busy loading up the vehicle with all her tennis racquets.  It was very exciting, living in a country town you don't get to see anyone famous.

On the sewing front, I have finished all of week one's homework for Cheddar Cheese & Crackers.  The mauve cutting board underneath does not compliment the look so far but I am looking forward to the end result.  Tomorrow I will work on week two.

Sue-Anne xxx


Kathie said...

your blocks look great! I still have to start it!
maybe today???
thanks for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

I like the results of your retail therapy. Do you have a specific project in mind or just for the stash?

The Cheddar Cheese & Crackers is looking pretty good. Looking forward to seeing the progress.