Monday, January 4, 2010

Max the Cat

I would like to introduce you to Max.  He is 4 years old and is lucky to be here.  Early last year he was hit by a car.  Luckily he made it home after climbing at least one fence and getting through the doggie door.  He had a broken upper leg, severed hamstring, deep gash on his thigh that missed his femeral artery by 1 millimetre, a broken jaw and horrifically grazed forehead.  He spent 8 weeks in a cage at home (was not nice) and now, as soon as he is fed of an evening, he is locked in the house till morning.  To look at him now, you would never know what he had been through.

Here he is hanging around on top of the shower screen.

Sue-Anne xxx


Marg Low said...

Hi Sue-Anne,

A blog, what a fun start to the new year. I know you will have lots of gorgeous quilts and decorations to keep us all inspired.

Love Marg

Michelle Williams said...

Oh Sue-Anne I just love your Blog!!! What a great idea and it looks fantastic. Now you can show everyone in Cyberspace just how clever you are. They are in for a treat. I am a huge fan already and will be regular visitor. Have fun..

Anonymous said...

hi Sue-Anne you are so clever,you are on the top of my bookmark page can,t wait for the next post .Jm.

Julie said...

oh the poor little sweetheart. give him a big smooch for me. so glad you are now keeping him inside at night.
welcome to blogland!
julie :)

Lorraine said...

Welcome to blogland Sue-Anne....I came over to visit via Marg's blog....I think perhaps Max should be called Lucky!! Probably a good idea he has a curfew!

Christine said...

So glad Max survived his ordeal. Those pictures on the shower are adorable. I found you via Marg's blog too.