Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Jane

I too have been caught up in the world wide adoration of this masterpiece.  I have made about 15 blocks so far and it is something that I do not intend to finish for a very very long time.  I have a basket that I put all my reproduction  fabric pieces in and every now and then I will make a couple of blocks.  The hardest part has been deciding which one to do next. 

I have struggled with getting organised into some sort of system with this quilt but have now decided that I am just going to work across each row until I have them all done, maybe work on a couple of border triangles as I go.

I have a little A5 folder that I keep them all in (in order) with photocopies of each block, templates for piecing and then the finished block.  I am using all different methods, some pieced by machine, others by hand, some paper or foundation pieced.  I love it when I finish one of these little treasures, especially ones that have lots of little pieces like the red one above.  I feel a great deal of satisfaction and constantly marvel at Jane A Stickle - how clever she was  and so ahead of her time.

Sue-Anne xxx


Shiree said...

ooooh, these are looking so gorgeous. Well done, they look a tad small for me! so good on you!!!

Anita said...

Sue-Anne, those blocks are just stunning. I bet you are just loving making them. It is going to be a fantastic quilt. Enjoy. Kind regards, Anita.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW I'm impressed with that. I dont think I would ever tackle that project. Yours is turning out soooo pretty. Keep going!!
great idea with the binder too.

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Sue-Anne,
I'm glad I'm not the only one who plans to work on her "Jane" over a span of many years. Your organization is much better than mine though. I'm just plopping the completed blocks (all 9 of them) in a plastic box for storage. Your, I forget the name, but the one with just the big appliqued pointed X on it, is sooooo much better than mine. I reverse appliqued it (first time ever) and was so relieved that it was done that I glossed over its MANY imperfections.

Happy stitching,