Friday, January 29, 2010


I tried and tried to get Max off the quilt so I could take a photo and everytime he just kept coming back - in the end I gave up.  I have attached all four borders and have been busy auditioning fabrics for the corner whirlygigs.  I love them and they are the reason I decided to make the quilt.  I had already planned the exact pink fabric I was going to use.  Of course, when it came time to cut out all the shapes and put them together, the pink I wanted did not work at all.  I changed the pink, then added the yellow and then had trouble with the blue.  I decided I was using that red whether it worked or not!  I started appliqueing the pieces down and still felt there was something not quite right.

Thank goodness for my Friday Girls.  After consultation with a couple of fresh sets of eyes, it was decided that the yellow I had used was all wrong - too solid.  Jan's expertise found the right yellow for the job and it looks so much better.  I then spent the afternoon unpicking all the yellow and recutting out all the shapes.  Hopefully I will get them finished over the weekend.

Does anyone else have problems like this?  Sometimes I can put the fabrics together and they look great and other times, I just can't seem to get it at all!!!

Sue-Anne xxx


Joan said...

How did you end up in Australia? I added 3 more kids after Rian. The youngest is now 20.
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Shiree said...

hi Sue-Anne,
I lve the border, hmmm maybe I can do something like this on the pink one in my last post, it does just need a bit of soemthing extra.
I have been reading your older posts, you have made some fabuous quilts!! Absoultely stunning work indeed, be very proud of your work.
I belong to a Thursday Girls group, it is such fun huh!

Lori said...

I very rarely unpick anything!! I love the quilt and thought the yellow looked good. What's important is that you like it, especially after all the hours you put into it.