Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Remember and a Visitor

This is another UFO called "I Remember" by Rosalie Quinlan.  I completed it as a BOM through Beechworth Quilters Cottage and I love the fabrics that Yelena chose.  This quilt taught me that it is ok to use other fabrics besides cream as a background.

The most challenging block was definately the birthday cake above.  This is another quilt on the handquilting list.  I have quite a few I want to handquilt but have been put off by the basting - it is backbreaking for me.  However now I have a new secret weapon - my machine quilter Rose, from Pandora Quilting.  She machine basted my "Flowers & Flutterbys" which I am now in the process of quilting, and it is fantastic, keeping it all together much better than if I did it by hand myself.

This is my son, Nicholas, with his friend's "puppy" called Koby.  He is an Australian Bulldog,  which I haven't seen too many of.  They are a fairly new breed of dog and this little fella is soooo cute.  Nic's pretty strong but he was struggling to hold him still for the photos.  Look at that round tummy!

Sue-Anne xxx


Julie said...

he's not bad looking at all. the dog's cute too!
julie :)

Anita said...

Sue-Anne, Absolutely love the quilt, all the work that's gone into it. Oh and I love Koby's belly. He's so cute. Kind regards, Anita.

Kathie said...

The quilt is just beautiful, wow!!!!! Love the fabric choices and I am working on not using cream/tan as backgrounds !
oh Koby does look strong!

Anonymous said...

Sue-Anne, that quilt is fantastic! I've seen it done in very pink fabrics, which looked good, but the limes and blues looks so fresh (and beautiful). Thank you so much for sharing.

Is Koby staying for dinner - looks like he could be a big eater!!

Regards, Sue